Being Legendary Through Helping Others by Agha


American Born Chinese written by Gene Luen Yang, is about characters finding their true identity. This book uses three different parallel times in order to explain the story. Ultimately, all the three stories combined into one at the end of the book. Wong-Lai Tsao, a monk in American Born Chinese, receives “legendary” status. Through this character, Gene Luen Yang, tells readers that in order to receive “legendary” status you must have a heart to give to others. On page 135, Gene Yang shows that Wong-Lai Tsao could not meditate for more that twenty days, he couldn’t fast for more than half a day, and when he preached he did not make sense, but Wong-Lai Tsao is still very remarkable. What makes him remarkable is that he gathered fruit in a nearby orchard just to share it with the vagrants who lived outside of town. This really helped the people because they were always very hungry. He also fixed and changed people’s wounds which is a very kind thing for him to do. Wong-Lai Tsao really could not do anything that other monks could do, but what made him remarkable is the he helped others which is something different then other monks did. Wong-Lai Tsao was chosen by Tze-Yo-Tzuh in to go on a quest to help others. Wong-Lai Tsao helped the Monkey King find his true self. The author introduces the Monkey King as a self-proclaimed sage, but he is not. After, Wong-Lai Tsao helps the Monkey King find his true self, the Monkey King becomes enlightened and also become a true sage. All in all, you must have the heart to give to others in order to receive “legendary” status.


American Born Chinese, page 135


Hidden Legend By: Connor


American Born Chinese, page 215

The book American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang is three different stories where three different characters that want the same thing, to fit in. In one story, with a monk, it shows that to become legendary all you need to do is to commit acts of kindness. You don’t even need to be known by everyone to become legendary. The biggest factor to become legendary is to be not mean. One example of someone who is legendary in this book is Wong Lai-Tsao he is legendary because he helps homeless people, and other monks don’t usually do that. Even though on page 135 it shows that Wong Lai-Tsao could not meditate, fast, or even preach. Though because he helped homeless people every day, the gods chose him to partake in a very large journey, The Journey to The West. The Monkey King, who started out small and unknown, went on The Journey to The West with Wong Lai-Tsao and became all-knowing and stood in holy presence this was all possible with the help of the legendary Wong Lai-Tsao. Therefore, you can become legendary without doing an amazing act like becoming stone by staying still, and staring death in the face. So, in conclusion, anyone can become legendary. Gene Luen Yang is showing us that all you need to be to become legendary is to serve others by being nice to them and putting their needs in front of yours.