Letter Home by Kirsten


A Change for the Worse By Margaux


American Born Chinese, page 60

In the book American Born Chinese, by Gene Luen Yang, all three characters, The Monkey King, Jin, and Danny changed. All three of these characters wanted to be something other than what they really were. Through these characters, Gene Luen Yang warns readers that changing is good, but not always. When Jin changed, he was no longer himself. He tried to be more like the people around him. He had moved from Chinatown in San Francisco to a primarily white suburb. He did not like being an outcast, and he wanted to fit in. For instance, he changed his hair and got a perm to make it look more like the hair of the other kids. He tried so hard to change that he ended up changing into Danny. Danny was just a different version of Jin. Danny was everything that Jin wanted to be to fit in. It is possible to change but still be yourself, but that means you can’t change for anyone else. If change is natural and you are not changing for someone or something,  you will always be yourself. If you are changing for someone or something, then you will no longer be yourself because you are trying to be what someone else wants and not what you are. For example, the monkey king changed himself to be considered a god and so he could go to parties with the other gods. He started wearing shoes and acting entitled. He became angrier, meaner, and disrespectful because he wanted to be a god. He was even mean to the monkeys who worshiped him. This was not what he was like at the beginning. Changing is good when it is natural, but when it is forced, nothing pleasant can come of it.

Book Banning by Christopher

I feel that books shouldn’t be banned because there are so many good books that people want to read that would be banned in schools. I feel like there will be some stretches because a school might not want to have a book about inappropriate things or anything along that line. If books unlike that are banned than people have to have very little amounts of books to read. The more amounts of books to read the more kids would enjoy reading. Having more varieties of genres that kids would like to read will be gone. I feel that some books should be banned for elementary schools like books about human kids having two fathers but another animal is fine. There should also be banned if they have bad language pre-4 they should be banned. Books are ways of getting new points of views and has been breaking down seen as power in different countries around the world. In America we are just throwing away books that in some places can’t even get a picture book for a three year old. If there are banned books than that is less opportunity’s for young children to learn one of the books that are thrown out of schools across the world ends up not being read. I think that books that are banned end up being someone’s hardest work. Even though some books are not right for some ages doesn’t mean that it should be kicked out of everyone’s hands. With this I finish my word with something to remember if all books are banned than how will we learn outside of schools.

The Issue With Banning Books by Liv

A practice that has been going on for years, book banning. But should we really restrict books from children? Book banning is bad for our society, and should be stopped. To begin with, the standards behind banning books has changed from its intent, making the reasons not useful to us.Stated in Sara Begley’s Time magazine article , in the early 90’s, books were challenged for simple reasons like too much sex or swearing. As we have continued on, we see that the content of most challenged books has changed.  2001, we had the Harry Potter series, but now, we have the Holy Bible being challenged. Another factor is that banning books goes against free choice. We are able to choose what we wish to read, and banning books take that away from people.  Authors have the right to create what they want, and this is protected by the 1st Amendment. Taking these books away from people is violating this right. One more factor is that banning books can create an unrealistic view of the world. The changes in most challenged books also show a bias against minorities, with most of the challenged books of 2016 being for religion, LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, etc.) content, and people of color. Books are supposed to be about real people, and real people are diverse. Shielding children from these themes will lead them to live a bigoted life, and then they won’t want their children reading those themes, and the cycle continues. In the ever changing world we live in; we all still have a choice of what we read. We need to stop banning books so that we can keep this right, and learn how to accept change, instead of pushing it away.



Yolo book jacket by Kylie



When most people picture driving a half a day to the mountains for a party, they picture pretty scenery, loud music, good food, and lots of laughs. When Emily, Ana and, Brandon started their trip this is exactly what happened until they stopped at a diner for lunch. Then their day turned into two criminals, driving a getaway car, a loud dog, drug dealers, crazy grandparents and a pool hall brawl. Pair all of that with a high speed chase and a party at a mansion and Emily, Ana, and Brandon’s day didn’t remotely turn out as expected. But, they learned to go with the flow because Yolo. You Only Live Once.

Back of the Book

I think that other 8th grades would like to read YOLO by Sam Jones because it’s intriguing. In this book, the characters experiences are wild and out of the ordinary. No one would hopefully ever have the adventures that Emily, Ana, and Brandon have on a day road trip. But, it is really exciting to read about a crazy trip that has so much packed into one day. This book is a massive page turner and won’t let you stop.