Autism Misconceptions By Agha

People have misconceptions about people with autism. Often, neurotypical people perceive autistic people as strange. While Rosie King was at school when she was younger, people would think of her as strange whenever she screamed. In the book Rules, when Kristi first met David she asked if he was okay. She thought that David was strange by the way he acted. Occasionally, neurotypical people assume that people with autism are unable to understand things because they can’t communicate. The speech therapist in Rules assumed that Jason was deaf just because Jason was non-verbal. She always spoke very loudly to Jason. Hannah’s parents from the book, Movement, assumed that Hannah didn’t understand or know what they were talking about, although she actually does. Unfortunately, many neurotypical people feel that people with autism don’t have many values. Ryan from the book, Rules, hinted that people with autism had no values by the way Ryan treated David. For example, Ryan demanded David to jump in order to have a stick of gum. Hannah’s parents didn’t think Hannah had much value because they wanted to change who Hannah is. Most people have negative perceptions about people with autism, but they still have feelings and aren’t much different from neurotypical people.


Rules By Connor

David will have talents when he grows up, but he doesn’t have them now. An example about this is, the people we have talked about have talents. For example, Hannah can dance really well and remember facts without trying. Rosie king is very creative and has many worlds in her head. Next from what I’ve seen only, older people have talents. Hannah, who has talents, is a teen whereas David is only 8, and doesn’t. Someone I know with autism didn’t have visible talents till he was older. Last but not least, David probably doesn’t have talents now. If he had talents, it would show up in Rules, and it doesn’t show up in Rules. So David will have talents when he grows up.

People With Autism by Abbey

Often, people with autism are misunderstood and mistreated. One was autistic children are misunderstood is that their parents and others think they need to be “fixed”. In “Movement,” Hannah’s dad thinks she needs to be “fixed”, so they hire a surgeon to tell them all the risks of the surgery. In “Movement”, it says, “My father is a believer in technology, that is why he contacted the research institute. He wants to fix me. He is certain there is a way”. Another misconception is that nonverbal children are also not able to hear or understand what is going on around them. “‘How nice!’ the therapist says. ‘WE DO HAVE FUN!’ (two fingers tapping her nose then swinging down to her other hand) ‘DON’T WE?’ (cheesy grin)” pg. 75. Even though Jason is nonverbal he is able to communicate by using the cards and pictures that Catherine draws for him. Autistic people are also victims of bullying because they are different. Catherine told Ryan and Kristi that David went to OT for many things and one of them was for jumping. So when David asked for a piece of gum from Ryan, he made David jump up and down in order to get the gum. Another thing is every time David went to the bus stop he would bring his red umbrella even if he didn’t need it. Ryan and Catherine got in a fight because he was making fun of him. Unless you personally know someone with autism, it is common to misinterpret them and treat them unfairly.

Autism Misconception By: Nick

Autism places a strain on family dynamics, especially for siblings. First of all, siblings have to take responsibility for their other sibling. As we read we found that Kathrine yells at her mother for making her watch David when she wants to go and do something else. In addition, siblings feel neglected of attention. As we read, Kathrine feels like her dad never makes time for her, but time for David. For example, Kathrine wants to go to the mall, but she has to go to David’s OT instead. Finally, siblings feel like their sibling gets in the way. Kathrine doesn’t let David talk or even interact with Kristi. For example, Kathrine worries that David will ruin her friendship with Kristi. In conclusion, we see how hard the impact can be having a sibling with autism, and the struggles it can cause.

Autism By Kobe

Kids with autism are easier to bully than neurotypical kids.  First off, kids with autism don’t realize you are bullying them so can do it over and over without them doing anything.  For example, Catherine says to David that him and Ryan aren’t friends because David doesn’t realize that Ryan bullies him.  Next, Ryan bullies him about the gum but David still wants to be friends with David.  Secondly, kids with autism like things to be perfect and when they’re not they notice and might start to overreact and give the bully the results they want.  When David’s dad is late home so they have to go to the video store later then David wants.  When Mac (Gracie Bourne’s brother) doesn’t have his sausage with his waffle every morning he won’t eat his breakfast. Lastly, “nobody wants to be friends with the autistic kid” Rosie king says a lot easier to gang up with friends and bully the autistic kid.  Example of that is, somebody could gang up with their friends to bully the autistic kid.  If nobody wants to be friends with the autistic kid that means they have nobody to stand up for them.  Overall, neurotypical kids have many ways to expose themselves to bullying and not being able to do anything to do about it.


Kobe Raeman

Should books be banned in schools? by Chris

People with autism are unfortunately seen as an easy target for bullying; however, it is not the right thing to do for the person with autism, for the bully, or the community. Most people know that it is not right to bully a person with autism because it could harm them mentally and physically. Many people don’t know this, but bullying is also bad for the bully. People get back at them plus it’s not a good way to solve problems. Finally, it is also important realize that bullying harms the whole community. Bulling encourages more bullying and creates an unfriendly or harmful environment.

Autistic Families by Isaiah

What challenges do you think that families with children that are different are treated? First off they have to deal with bullies on a daily basis. People will treat them differently because they are different. Some people may laugh at the different things that they do. Second off it may be hard to make friends. People might not want to hang out with a kid with differences. They may not want to be bullied themselves. Lastly, it could be hard to go places. They could cause more attention to themselves than they want to. They could also miss interpreting things people say. In conclusion, a family with a different child could face a lot of differences