Book review “Death of a King” by Davide

Death of a King by Tavis Smiley was very informative of Martin Luther King’s last year on earth. It really shows readers what his focus was in the last year of his life. It also shows the struggles he had dealing with changing times and people starting to look up to more violent or radical people. It shows how he tries to get more people to follow the peaceful way of protesting and fighting for equality. The book shines a light on how he didn’t listen to what other people told him and he always did what was best for the movement and not just for him. I thought the book could have been more fluid because at some moments it felt like it was a little choppy. I also liked how the book was very personal and it made you feel like you were close to Dr. King. In fact, in the book Dr. King was referred to as Doc, instead of a formal name. I thought that made it me feel like I was much closer to him. I would recommend this book to anybody who wants to learn more about Dr. King because it highlights a part of his life that not many people know about. Most things we learn about him are from his great “I Have a Dream” speech and Selma march. Those events are obviously very important and influential but this book definitely shows you something different from that part of his life. Overall I would give this book 4.5 stars.

“Me Earl and the Dying Girl” Book Review by Ellie

I would recommend this funny novel to all eight graders who are looking for a good book. Overall, I thought this book was written very interesting. I have never quite read a book like this. This book is very different than any other book I have ever read. I really like how Jesse Andrews made the story like you were in his mind. For example, it said things such as “I should stop writing now” or “I’ve already said too much”. I also really liked how you got to connect with the author. You went through the ups and downs of a teenage boy who has a really good friend and then is diagnosed with cancer. I also liked how the author made the connection with Earl. Earl helped get Jesse through many times. He helped him when his friend was sick and throughout there movie making. As a movie maker Earl and Jesse used it to help them get through there friend having cancer. Also, although it may sound like a sad book, this book made me laugh more than any other book I’ve ever read! It was really funny because you really got to hear what a teenage boy is thinking throughout the story. Earl and Greg (Jesse) kept it really real and told you the true feelings that they went through. Overall, this book kept me hooked the whole time. It never got boring and I was always smiling or laughing. I definitely recommend this book and would like to see the movie soon.

Yolo book jacket by Kylie



When most people picture driving a half a day to the mountains for a party, they picture pretty scenery, loud music, good food, and lots of laughs. When Emily, Ana and, Brandon started their trip this is exactly what happened until they stopped at a diner for lunch. Then their day turned into two criminals, driving a getaway car, a loud dog, drug dealers, crazy grandparents and a pool hall brawl. Pair all of that with a high speed chase and a party at a mansion and Emily, Ana, and Brandon’s day didn’t remotely turn out as expected. But, they learned to go with the flow because Yolo. You Only Live Once.

Back of the Book

I think that other 8th grades would like to read YOLO by Sam Jones because it’s intriguing. In this book, the characters experiences are wild and out of the ordinary. No one would hopefully ever have the adventures that Emily, Ana, and Brandon have on a day road trip. But, it is really exciting to read about a crazy trip that has so much packed into one day. This book is a massive page turner and won’t let you stop.

Poems inspired by The Fifth Wave By: Grace

The Fifth Wave was written by Rock Yancey.


Don’t go… Don’t go

We can’t make it hear alone

My heart will began to feel like stone

You said you would always be there for us

I know you’re sick so I won’t make a big fuss

I just wish you could stay here a little longer

Maybe your death will make me a little stronger

I know it is almost time for you to go

Your body is turning as cold as snow

This is hard I don’t know how I will make it

I’m sure dad and Sammy will make it easier a bit

Well I guess this is goodbye

Wait let me clarify

This is a see you later


Just Me

Where has everyone gone?

These days I never see anyone

It’s only me out here


Everyone has Been Turned

Everyone has turned…

Everywhere I look, I feel like I am being watched

I can’t tell who’s who,

I can’t tell if he is human… or if he has been taken over…

I need someone to help

I need someone to give me advice

I don’t know if I believe in God anymore

Why should I?

Sometimes I get scared…

Get scared of dying, dying and not knowing if I could’ve done something to help

Well I have to go now…

I think I hear something…

Oh no the noise is getting closer

I am going to run and maybe I can save myself