Where I Am From… by Joffre G.

I am from the computer desk to school yard.

From the big house surrounded by clones

All the same never changing.

From the first story to the second.

I am from the desk that never stops writing.

The game board that never stops gaming

From the “the Double E ranch” that I will never lose.

I am from pound to the crates from dog to cat

From frogs to Wolves.

From the chatroom to the classroom

From game to game never stop just keep going.

I am from the mother who is a scholar but also a loving mother

From the big brothers that Fight for what is right and our country’s defense

To the father who is fun but firm

I from all of my family.

I am from the brothers of Romulus and Remus always fighting never

Stopping to think. From room to room all the same never changing.

I am the one in the shadows playing the same tune over and over again.

I am from the slayers of zombies to dragons, giants, and other monsters of

the night.

I am from the dark and the light I am the one who never choses a side

From game to game always changing always learning never stopping.

From game to game match to match never winning always trying.


I am from death match, free for all’s to capture the flag.

This is where I am from, this is my life this is my home.