Raymond’s Letter by Connor


8 thoughts on “Raymond’s Letter by Connor

  1. Dear Conner,

    I like how you put the video in black and white it really enhances the affect of the Monologue, and I also like how you didn’t speak the words out loud but made it seem like an internal thought. Great job!


  2. Dear Connor,

    I really liked how you writing on the piece of paper looks real because most don’t. Why is there an extra Coke bottle on table? I liked how you did an over voice. Otherwise very good monologue.

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  3. Connor,
    Your monologue was outstanding. The black and white camera screen was a great idea. As well as your idea of the letter, and your inner thoughts in the video. I think maybe you could’ve had a couple more expressions. But overall, your monologue was super good. Well done!
    Graham Mills

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  4. I agree with people who like the black and white camera. Another thing is your voice is pretty loud and I can hear you clearly. And the best thing is your idea to put the coke in the paper bag like what he did in the book. This really have a good connect with the book. ^_^


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