Forfeiting Your Soul By:Kobe

You can be anything you want to be as long as you are willing to give up something you love. In Gene Luen Yang’s novel American born Chinese the Herbalist wife says “It’s easy to become anything you wish so long as you’re willing to forfeit your soul.”(Yang 29).That is true because once Jim Wang changed his hair he got the confidence to ask out Amelia. Then after he was done with Amelia he lost his hair and became normal again so it is possible to change and then change back to the way you were before changing. Another example this time not the best choice by Jin Wang is when he wanted to lose his chinese culture. So Jin Wang stopped being friends with Wei Chen because he thought it depicted to much of himself which turned out bad because he lost his only true friend in school. In conclusion, it is possible to change from one person to another in order to get the thing the want in this case Amelia.


American Born Chinese, pages 29 and 194 


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