A Change is More Than Just the Appearance by Same

The Author, Gene Luen Yang, wasted no time teaching readers the most important lesson in the book American Born Chinese. The main character, Jin Wang, is Chinese American boy who moved from Chinatown San Francisco to a white suburb. On page 29 while the main character Jin’s mom is at the herbalist, the herbalist’s wife tells Jin “it’s easy to become anything as long as you forfeit your soul.”This quote is very imperative to the book and what it stands for. The quote means that you have to be willing to make a sacrifice to be what you want to be. An example is when Jin forfeits his soul to be more American. It starts of really small and then gets bigger. The first of his changes is when his lunch changes from dumplings to sandwiches. But then the change starts to get bigger and bigger. For example, when he kisses Suzy Nakamura he is betraying his best friend Wei Chen by kissing Suzy who is Wei’s girlfriend. Then his hair and his skin color change completely. He changes so much that as the book goes on the reader can tell he has lost his soul through all of his transformations. It would change who I am because I would have to cope with the fact that I didn’t have what I had anymore, but I would blend into what I get. I think a person would give up a chance of a new life or good health for their soul. I think that good health and a happy family would be worth forfeiting a soul. It might mean something that will come up later in the story as a reflection or something like that. The lesson that Gene Luen Yang teaches us is that changing yourself is very powerful and it might mean you forget who you are and what you are. This quote goes a long way for characters like Jin and the monkey king throughout the whole book and in my mind it is the cornerstone lesson of the book.





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