Why would you ban a book? by Kirsten

Books should not be banned even if they might have content that some people don’t necessarily agree with it. Furthermore, books with real-life conflict give young readers a great learning experience. For instance, one of the books that was challenged was titled, Lango Makes Three a book about a penguin family with two dads, this book is teaching young readers that anyone can be a family, you just have to love each other. As a matter of fact, I believe that children need to be exposed to these kind of things so when they are thrown out into the real world they don’t isolate themselves from the wonders that are right in front of them. Additionally, if someone doesn’t like the content in a book or doesn’t want their children to be reading it, that is there decision to make, they don’t need to take away others reading experience for their own needs.  One article that I read from the Odyssey online stated, “‘I don’t think they [children] need to know the horrors of the world.’ Fair enough. That’s your parenting style—if you want to shelter your kids from reality, that’s your choice. But that doesn’t mean that you should force your parenting style on other parents.” To point out, everyone has different preferences in reading and by all means, I do not think that one single group of people should be allowed to permit the books that other read. We must remember that we cannot force ideas into our minds without letting ourselves see the other side of things, if we ban books we take away that privilege. To emphasize, the book The Librarian of Basra and the book Nasreen’s Secret School were both petitioned for talking about the wars going on in Afghanistan and Iraq. That is to say that I believe that everyone has an opportunity to knowledge. Determinately, we need to give people the authorization to learn freely and let our minds spread to a million horizons.


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