The effects of banning book By Abbie

Books should not be banned because, without them, kids and teens are not able to learn about the world and about how things work. Us as children won’t learn about how homosexuality works and what it is. For example, one book that was banned was called Tango Makes Three and it’s about two male penguins who take care of a little penguin. This was banned because they thought that it was promoting homosexuality. Also, there was a book called Daddy’s Roomate in which a divorced father and his gay partner are taking care of the child. this was banned because it showed to much homosexuality. This needs to not be the decision of random librarians but of the family about whether or not they want them to read that kind of book. Secondly, if people ban books, kids and teens are not able to learn about issues in our society like racism. The decision of whether or not kids should learn about racism is entirely up to the parents and it is not fair to hide issues that are occurring in our society from kids. For kids to be exposed to this at a young age is beneficial so that they don’t get surprised and confused about it when they get older. To close books shouldn’t be banned to those who want to be exposed to a more real style of writing and to parents who want to teach their kids important lessons.


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