Rules by Sam

Ryan thinks he is being cool by bullying David but he is just being mean. First, Ryan, like many people, knows it easy to trick an autistic kid. For example, a non autistic kid probably would not fall for those tricks. Also, when gracie bourne said if its not how they want it to be, they can go ballistic.Second, Ryan may have just a bullie isue. For example, you would have to be really mean to trick an autistic kid. Also, when rosie king talked about how no one liked the autistic kid, it relates to this because Ryan may not like autistic kids. Finally, people like Ryan may not know they are bullying kids like David but they actually are. Maybe Ryan doesn’t actually know that what he was doingwas hurting his feelings. In conclusion I think Ryan does these things because they don’t know there being mean, they may have a bully issue, or they feel autistic kids are easy to trick.







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