People With Autism by Abbey

Often, people with autism are misunderstood and mistreated. One was autistic children are misunderstood is that their parents and others think they need to be “fixed”. In “Movement,” Hannah’s dad thinks she needs to be “fixed”, so they hire a surgeon to tell them all the risks of the surgery. In “Movement”, it says, “My father is a believer in technology, that is why he contacted the research institute. He wants to fix me. He is certain there is a way”. Another misconception is that nonverbal children are also not able to hear or understand what is going on around them. “‘How nice!’ the therapist says. ‘WE DO HAVE FUN!’ (two fingers tapping her nose then swinging down to her other hand) ‘DON’T WE?’ (cheesy grin)” pg. 75. Even though Jason is nonverbal he is able to communicate by using the cards and pictures that Catherine draws for him. Autistic people are also victims of bullying because they are different. Catherine told Ryan and Kristi that David went to OT for many things and one of them was for jumping. So when David asked for a piece of gum from Ryan, he made David jump up and down in order to get the gum. Another thing is every time David went to the bus stop he would bring his red umbrella even if he didn’t need it. Ryan and Catherine got in a fight because he was making fun of him. Unless you personally know someone with autism, it is common to misinterpret them and treat them unfairly.


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