Can the slow process of making friends be a positive thing for non-neurotypical people? by Kirsten

People with disabilities are often over-looked by neurotypical people when searching for a friend, but there are advantages to being more open to others. First of all, friendship should be based on valuing others, including ourselves. In the short story Movement, Nancy Fulda wrote the story to make it as though the dance shoes are a metaphor for Hannah’s self-value; she doesn’t want to “fix” her Autism the talk from Grace Bourne, she told the group that Mac (Her Brother)  has friends who also have disabilities, making us wonder that it is hard for him to get neurotypical friends. Another benefit is that the slow process of creating a friendship with those with Autism helps you find true friendship. Rosie King thinks it’s helpful to have people who act like that because then it is easy to “Separate the wheat from the shaft. ” (Find a really true friend even it takes time.) In the book Rules, Catherine just wants to be friends with Kristi so badly that she becomes blind to her true friendship with Jason just because he is neurotypical. Furthermore, It is very important that we all learn to how to connect with people who may communicate in different ways. In the book Rules, Jason and Catherine communicate through the cards and Catherine is very open about it. From connecting with people from other backgrounds and with different ways of communicating we can learn many things. Just like the character, Catherine, everyone can be blind to the value of others, especially those with disabilities.


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