Banning Books by Margaux

I do not think that books should be banned by adults from schools and public Libraries because young adults and children should be able to pick what they want to read. First of all, the books that are most often banned are books that readers enjoy the most. Many banned books deal with real-world issues such as terrorism, racism, and violence. Banned books are also often sexually mature and many people do not want young adult readers reading about that. Books are written for information and enjoyment, not to be banned from young readers’ schools and libraries. Books that are enjoyed should not be banned because our world has become so technological that people often don’t read. It’s better to see young adults reading then watching television. Adults should not get to choose what books children and young adults are allowed to enjoy and learn from. Many books are banned simply because adults don’t want children to learn about things like homosexuality. For example, picture books written for children have been banned because they depict animals as being homosexuals. If books that children and young adults enjoy reading are being banned, then they will never really love to read because they don’t love the books they are reading.


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