Banned Books By Ian

Books should not be banned if it is an “age inappropriate” topic. The Parent should talk to them before they consume the “sensitive” material. Children should not be introduced to a sensitive topic by media and entertainment. Parents’ should discuss topics commonly deemed “controversial.” It is a parents’ responsibility to educate their children about a topic as a teachable moment. Your kid is supposed to be special to you, not everybody else. One person’s being outraged is not a cause for change and concern for everyone. If you have a problem, sort that in your family and home don’t have society bend when it would be easier for you to change. Your concern doesn’t mean it is an actual concern; you may be concerned about a topic, but it isn’t one for others. Some people assume that because they are upset means everyone is upset and people want to “rattle their saber” and feel self-righteous. It is the parent’s job to teach their kids topics instead of taking them away. Just because it offends you doesn’t mean it offends everyone and needs to be Removed.


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