Autism Misconceptions By Agha

People have misconceptions about people with autism. Often, neurotypical people perceive autistic people as strange. While Rosie King was at school when she was younger, people would think of her as strange whenever she screamed. In the book Rules, when Kristi first met David she asked if he was okay. She thought that David was strange by the way he acted. Occasionally, neurotypical people assume that people with autism are unable to understand things because they can’t communicate. The speech therapist in Rules assumed that Jason was deaf just because Jason was non-verbal. She always spoke very loudly to Jason. Hannah’s parents from the book, Movement, assumed that Hannah didn’t understand or know what they were talking about, although she actually does. Unfortunately, many neurotypical people feel that people with autism don’t have many values. Ryan from the book, Rules, hinted that people with autism had no values by the way Ryan treated David. For example, Ryan demanded David to jump in order to have a stick of gum. Hannah’s parents didn’t think Hannah had much value because they wanted to change who Hannah is. Most people have negative perceptions about people with autism, but they still have feelings and aren’t much different from neurotypical people.


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