Autism by Margaux

People have different opinions on how things affect their lives. Autism also affects different people’s lives in different ways. Although Rosie King likes her autism, it makes many people’s lives hard. For instance, Gracie Bourne’s brother, Mac, is non-verbal and it makes it hard for him to say what he wants or needs. Hannah in movement is also non-verbal and it is very hard for her to communicate with her family.  Autism often makes it hard for people to know how to act in social situations. For example, in Rules, David doesn’t understand that looking at the videos that other people are holding in their hand is embarrassing for his family. He also doesn’t understand thinks like closing the door when you go to the bathroom. Autism also makes life harder for siblings and parents. For instance, in Rules, Catherine doesn’t get as much attention as David. Gracie Bourne says that she gets a lot less attention than her brother. In conclusion, I do not think David likes having Autism because it makes not only his life but also has family’s life harder.


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