Autism. By Lexi

We should embrace people with autism, not try to change them. People with autism love the many world they can escape into. Rosie King states that she loves all of the thousands of thoughts she has at once, and kids with autism can escape to those worlds when times get tough. Autism can lead kids to be genies or lead to many great accomplishments. Rosie King says that her autism lead her to write her book, give thousands of speeches,and meet thousands of wonderful people. Autism can lead kids to discover many things with autism they can meet other kids with the same gift or travel to greet people who don’t have their gift and also don’t understand. If my child was born with a gift as special as autism I would learn to embrace it,not hate it, but if there were a circumstance in which my child wishes they did not have it, I would also take it away for them.


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