Autism By Kobe

Kids with autism are easier to bully than neurotypical kids.  First off, kids with autism don’t realize you are bullying them so can do it over and over without them doing anything.  For example, Catherine says to David that him and Ryan aren’t friends because David doesn’t realize that Ryan bullies him.  Next, Ryan bullies him about the gum but David still wants to be friends with David.  Secondly, kids with autism like things to be perfect and when they’re not they notice and might start to overreact and give the bully the results they want.  When David’s dad is late home so they have to go to the video store later then David wants.  When Mac (Gracie Bourne’s brother) doesn’t have his sausage with his waffle every morning he won’t eat his breakfast. Lastly, “nobody wants to be friends with the autistic kid” Rosie king says a lot easier to gang up with friends and bully the autistic kid.  Example of that is, somebody could gang up with their friends to bully the autistic kid.  If nobody wants to be friends with the autistic kid that means they have nobody to stand up for them.  Overall, neurotypical kids have many ways to expose themselves to bullying and not being able to do anything to do about it.


Kobe Raeman


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