Book Banning Paragraph by Harry

Parents want to ban books because they think they are too inappropriate for kids. One example of a banned book is Captain Underpants, which was said to not be suitable for young children and could be a bad influence on them. The book is mainly about a superhero two kids created who flies around in his underwear. Parents don’t like the bathroom language, violence, and misbehavior involved. Another banned book is Looking for Alaska which is the most banned book of 2015. It is a love story between a boy and a girl that involves many inappropriate situations and actions. People thought it had “offensive language” and is “sexually explicit.”

Parents want books banned in libraries because they don’t trust their kids for what books they choose. The most common category for restricted books is young adult. At that age though, the kids are old enough and should be able to make their own decision on what to read.

In conclusion, books shouldn’t be banned because it’s the readers choice to choose what books to read.


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