Autism in Rules By Ian

Autism seriously impacts mental thoughts and is not caused by vaccination. First off Autism almost always changes the structure and family chemistry with one another. David and his family operate much differently due to David’s extra needed attention and care due to his autism. Hannah can’t talk so here family acts different than others because she can’t act in the way other families do. Next Not every person with autism has exceptional thoughts some are just like neuro-typical people and some are well below non autistic. People like Bill Gates and Elon Musk have Asperger’s and are smarter than most people. Some like David can’t express their intelligence or lack thereof due to their autism. Finally, the report that first called the Vaccine Autism into focus is fake the doctor that wrote it lied and his results are unable to be reproduced so its false. The Doctor is no longer practicing medicine because people proved he was lying. In Conclusion Autism is not caused by vaccination and can severely impact a family’s growth. Autistic people are not always smart and are not idiotic or stupid. Autism is a mental development disorder that is in the fundamental DNA of the infant when they are born not by vaccines.



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