American Born Chinese Six Word Character Memoir

Your appearance does not define you. By Liv

I must accept who I am. By Agha

I’m from San Francisco, not China. By Sam

NO! You are wrong about me! By Connor

Don’t define me solely on my heritage. By Kirsten

I am truly the monkey king. By Harry

I am secretly the monkey king. By Chris

I will never escape my culture. By Abbie

A perm will make me American. –By Margaux

I’m like others but different.-By Kobe

I am ready to help others. By Lexi

Disapprove what I became, not myself. By Ian

Practice is the key to success. By Abbey

I must accept who I am. By Nick


Book Banning by Christopher

I feel that books shouldn’t be banned because there are so many good books that people want to read that would be banned in schools. I feel like there will be some stretches because a school might not want to have a book about inappropriate things or anything along that line. If books unlike that are banned than people have to have very little amounts of books to read. The more amounts of books to read the more kids would enjoy reading. Having more varieties of genres that kids would like to read will be gone. I feel that some books should be banned for elementary schools like books about human kids having two fathers but another animal is fine. There should also be banned if they have bad language pre-4 they should be banned. Books are ways of getting new points of views and has been breaking down seen as power in different countries around the world. In America we are just throwing away books that in some places can’t even get a picture book for a three year old. If there are banned books than that is less opportunity’s for young children to learn one of the books that are thrown out of schools across the world ends up not being read. I think that books that are banned end up being someone’s hardest work. Even though some books are not right for some ages doesn’t mean that it should be kicked out of everyone’s hands. With this I finish my word with something to remember if all books are banned than how will we learn outside of schools.

Autism Misconceptions By Agha

People have misconceptions about people with autism. Often, neurotypical people perceive autistic people as strange. While Rosie King was at school when she was younger, people would think of her as strange whenever she screamed. In the book Rules, when Kristi first met David she asked if he was okay. She thought that David was strange by the way he acted. Occasionally, neurotypical people assume that people with autism are unable to understand things because they can’t communicate. The speech therapist in Rules assumed that Jason was deaf just because Jason was non-verbal. She always spoke very loudly to Jason. Hannah’s parents from the book, Movement, assumed that Hannah didn’t understand or know what they were talking about, although she actually does. Unfortunately, many neurotypical people feel that people with autism don’t have many values. Ryan from the book, Rules, hinted that people with autism had no values by the way Ryan treated David. For example, Ryan demanded David to jump in order to have a stick of gum. Hannah’s parents didn’t think Hannah had much value because they wanted to change who Hannah is. Most people have negative perceptions about people with autism, but they still have feelings and aren’t much different from neurotypical people.

Rules By Connor

David will have talents when he grows up, but he doesn’t have them now. An example about this is, the people we have talked about have talents. For example, Hannah can dance really well and remember facts without trying. Rosie king is very creative and has many worlds in her head. Next from what I’ve seen only, older people have talents. Hannah, who has talents, is a teen whereas David is only 8, and doesn’t. Someone I know with autism didn’t have visible talents till he was older. Last but not least, David probably doesn’t have talents now. If he had talents, it would show up in Rules, and it doesn’t show up in Rules. So David will have talents when he grows up.

Banned Books By Ian

Books should not be banned if it is an “age inappropriate” topic. The Parent should talk to them before they consume the “sensitive” material. Children should not be introduced to a sensitive topic by media and entertainment. Parents’ should discuss topics commonly deemed “controversial.” It is a parents’ responsibility to educate their children about a topic as a teachable moment. Your kid is supposed to be special to you, not everybody else. One person’s being outraged is not a cause for change and concern for everyone. If you have a problem, sort that in your family and home don’t have society bend when it would be easier for you to change. Your concern doesn’t mean it is an actual concern; you may be concerned about a topic, but it isn’t one for others. Some people assume that because they are upset means everyone is upset and people want to “rattle their saber” and feel self-righteous. It is the parent’s job to teach their kids topics instead of taking them away. Just because it offends you doesn’t mean it offends everyone and needs to be Removed.

Books should not be banned. By Lexi

Books should not be banned for middle school students. First of all if a student from 6-8th grade, or any grade wants to read a more mature book than they than they should be able to because it’s their choice to read it, and they know what they chose to read. First of all if a student from 6-8th grade, or any grade wants to read a more mature book than they than they should be able to because it’s their choice to read it, and they know what they Most teacher like giving their students options, whether it homework ideas or partners, we still have options, if parents and teachers start banning all kinds of books than a lot of options for reading, something very important, disappear. Second, an older book for you might give information about what the real world is about and how you can fix it or live in it. Reading a book like the Outsiders teaches kids that just because  a kid says bad things and appears bad doesn’t mean that they are, they just might have personal issues. Kids can apply older lessons to their own life, helping them prepare themselves for the world and fixing the flaws that they have made. Finally another reason why is because it would give a thought process and make them smarter because they now understand more. In learning about new things and how to solve problems they can solve their own problems like with homework or with friends. Characters in books may inspire them to be a better person to put time and effort into school and hobbies. Reading mature books or any type of banned book can open doors that kids never thought were closed, can lead to understand real world problems and inspire them to do wonderful things.

Why would you ban a book? by Kirsten

Books should not be banned even if they might have content that some people don’t necessarily agree with it. Furthermore, books with real-life conflict give young readers a great learning experience. For instance, one of the books that was challenged was titled, Lango Makes Three a book about a penguin family with two dads, this book is teaching young readers that anyone can be a family, you just have to love each other. As a matter of fact, I believe that children need to be exposed to these kind of things so when they are thrown out into the real world they don’t isolate themselves from the wonders that are right in front of them. Additionally, if someone doesn’t like the content in a book or doesn’t want their children to be reading it, that is there decision to make, they don’t need to take away others reading experience for their own needs.  One article that I read from the Odyssey online stated, “‘I don’t think they [children] need to know the horrors of the world.’ Fair enough. That’s your parenting style—if you want to shelter your kids from reality, that’s your choice. But that doesn’t mean that you should force your parenting style on other parents.” To point out, everyone has different preferences in reading and by all means, I do not think that one single group of people should be allowed to permit the books that other read. We must remember that we cannot force ideas into our minds without letting ourselves see the other side of things, if we ban books we take away that privilege. To emphasize, the book The Librarian of Basra and the book Nasreen’s Secret School were both petitioned for talking about the wars going on in Afghanistan and Iraq. That is to say that I believe that everyone has an opportunity to knowledge. Determinately, we need to give people the authorization to learn freely and let our minds spread to a million horizons.