Book review “Death of a King” by Davide

Death of a King by Tavis Smiley was very informative of Martin Luther King’s last year on earth. It really shows readers what his focus was in the last year of his life. It also shows the struggles he had dealing with changing times and people starting to look up to more violent or radical people. It shows how he tries to get more people to follow the peaceful way of protesting and fighting for equality. The book shines a light on how he didn’t listen to what other people told him and he always did what was best for the movement and not just for him. I thought the book could have been more fluid because at some moments it felt like it was a little choppy. I also liked how the book was very personal and it made you feel like you were close to Dr. King. In fact, in the book Dr. King was referred to as Doc, instead of a formal name. I thought that made it me feel like I was much closer to him. I would recommend this book to anybody who wants to learn more about Dr. King because it highlights a part of his life that not many people know about. Most things we learn about him are from his great “I Have a Dream” speech and Selma march. Those events are obviously very important and influential but this book definitely shows you something different from that part of his life. Overall I would give this book 4.5 stars.


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