Yolo book jacket by Kylie



When most people picture driving a half a day to the mountains for a party, they picture pretty scenery, loud music, good food, and lots of laughs. When Emily, Ana and, Brandon started their trip this is exactly what happened until they stopped at a diner for lunch. Then their day turned into two criminals, driving a getaway car, a loud dog, drug dealers, crazy grandparents and a pool hall brawl. Pair all of that with a high speed chase and a party at a mansion and Emily, Ana, and Brandon’s day didn’t remotely turn out as expected. But, they learned to go with the flow because Yolo. You Only Live Once.

Back of the Book

I think that other 8th grades would like to read YOLO by Sam Jones because it’s intriguing. In this book, the characters experiences are wild and out of the ordinary. No one would hopefully ever have the adventures that Emily, Ana, and Brandon have on a day road trip. But, it is really exciting to read about a crazy trip that has so much packed into one day. This book is a massive page turner and won’t let you stop.


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