Poems inspired by The Fifth Wave By: Grace

The Fifth Wave was written by Rock Yancey.


Don’t go… Don’t go

We can’t make it hear alone

My heart will began to feel like stone

You said you would always be there for us

I know you’re sick so I won’t make a big fuss

I just wish you could stay here a little longer

Maybe your death will make me a little stronger

I know it is almost time for you to go

Your body is turning as cold as snow

This is hard I don’t know how I will make it

I’m sure dad and Sammy will make it easier a bit

Well I guess this is goodbye

Wait let me clarify

This is a see you later


Just Me

Where has everyone gone?

These days I never see anyone

It’s only me out here


Everyone has Been Turned

Everyone has turned…

Everywhere I look, I feel like I am being watched

I can’t tell who’s who,

I can’t tell if he is human… or if he has been taken over…

I need someone to help

I need someone to give me advice

I don’t know if I believe in God anymore

Why should I?

Sometimes I get scared…

Get scared of dying, dying and not knowing if I could’ve done something to help

Well I have to go now…

I think I hear something…

Oh no the noise is getting closer

I am going to run and maybe I can save myself



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