Trial Time Blues by Nic


7 thoughts on “Trial Time Blues by Nic

  1. Dear Nic,
    i liked your enthusiasm. I liked your set up of the jail cell. I think it would have been cool to have some details of the case to incorporate into the letter. Overall great job!


  2. Dear Nic,

    I like how you went on about the important family and friends. I could tell the feelings between you and the Ewells were very intense. I think it would really portray Tom Robinson is you added something about your children and how you want them to remember you. How did you feel when you realized you might never see your family again? I liked that overall you remembered Atticus and how he helped you a lot. Good job!



  3. I liked how you were really in Tom Robinson shoes. You made me believe that you were actually him. Your emotions towards Helen felt so real. Your southern accent was really good. It was a great presentation overall.


  4. Dear Nic

    I liked how you had a lot of expression with your voice and hands. The wording in the note and script was well planned and was well said. The background also went well with the story and made a lot of sense.


  5. Dear Nic,
    I liked how you used your basement as the jail sell. Yours stood out to me because you spoke up and you were really easy to hear. Your monolog was one of the best ones and was very well put together. I did notice one thing at the end the camera shook a lot when you were stopping it and in editing you could have cut that part out bet besides that you did a really good job.


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