Tom Robinson by Ellie


4 thoughts on “Tom Robinson by Ellie

  1. Ellie,
    I really liked your setting for Tom Robinson. I also liked how you did a voiceover, I think it made the video run smooth. Overall, I really liked your monologue and thought it was intriguing.


  2. Dear Ellie,
    I loved your monologue! Your monologue was so awesome because you took Tom Robinson’s story and furthered it. The reader never gets to listen to Tom Robinson say that Atticus gave him a small bit of hope for his trail. It was fun to get to learn more about Tom Robinson. I also loved how you incorporated the idea of Tom Robinson being a mockingbird in the novel. Lastly, I loved the background of your scene because the background helped show that Tom Robinson was in jail before his trail. One small suggestion I have is to get more in character by wearing clothes that reflect Tom Robinson a bit more. Overall great work Ellie, you should be so proud of your monologue!


  3. Dear Ellie,

    I really liked your monologue! Your voiceover was really clear and easy to understand with a good story. I think the setting you chose was great, and looked like it could be a jail cell. The only teeny thing that I could suggest is maybe wear something a little more like Tom Robinson, but otherwise it was all really well done! Do you think that if Tom was able to write a letter to Atticus that it might have changed the way his death was perceived? I think that the angle is nice to show the table and the letter. I liked how you talked about Tom’s feeling, considering that we don’t get to hear about them from him. Great job Ellie looks really nice!



  4. I really liked your monologue I think that it has a good story line with the letter and stuff and also I think that it was good that you did the voice overview. Overall I think that you had a very good Tom Robinson video.
    -Ross Pohlman


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