Secrets Behind the Kitchen Door by Kendi


4 thoughts on “Secrets Behind the Kitchen Door by Kendi

  1. Kendi,

    Dang that was good. You really portrayed the character of Calpurnia perfectly, right down to how she would talk about certain things. If I only had one suggestion, it would be to make it a bit shorter, but that is only a minor complaint. Also, I liked how you were washing dishes at the beginning, as it really helped set the mood. I only have one question, and that is, at what point did the book take place? I know it was before the trial, but other than that, it is a bit unclear. Overall though, great monologue and your portrayal of Calpurnia was perfect.



  2. Dear Kendi,

    The way you portrayed Calpurnia was extremely vivid. I liked how you talked about Aunt Alexandra and how you have differences about the way you raise Jem and Scout. I think that you were very bold by singing to god. That was extremely courageous. This was especially unique, amazing job!



  3. Kendi,
    I really liked how you portrayed Calpernia. You spoke with a very good passion in your voice. I liked that you put a song in your video, it was bold and brave.
    From Maggie


  4. I liked how many details you put into your video from the book. Your background had a very homey feel which was perfect. Your idea to sing was unique but not unlike something Calpurnia would do.


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