Lying to the Flowers by Kaelyn


5 thoughts on “Lying to the Flowers by Kaelyn

  1. Dear Kaelyn,
    I liked how you did the character Mayella. I liked how you kind of debated with your thoughts about the Tom Robinson case. I also liked that you had a passion in your voice.
    From Maggie


  2. Kaelyn,
    I think your take on Mayella was really good. I like how you showed her emotions and feelings and how they went back and forth from “Tom did rape me” to “It wasn’t Tom”. It really shows how her thought process would be in that situation. I thought it was an interesting but good angle when you showed her soft side. So overall, I really liked your Monologue on Mayella Ewell.


  3. I like how you talked like a southern accent like she did in the movie. I think that you could’ve stuck to one side either you got raped or it was consenual. What side were you on when you were acting in the monologue?


  4. Kaelyn that was amazing! Your approach to it was very creative, her talking to the flowers. It was also realistic because of her loneliness in the book. I also really enjoyed seeing you act. You were convincing, and the crying was realistic which must have been challenging. I do suggest that you would think about having her state more clearly or convinced that she lied. Although I get where you were coming from on the opposing side, which I also thought was very smart to have in there. Did you mean to wear a dress that had a pattern of flowers similar to the ones you were talking to. Overall it was very well done, I can tell you worked hard.


  5. Kaelyn, I really liked how you showed both of Mayella sides. I think that you had a really cool accent. But next time I think you should do a different camera angle than what you did use.

    Sam McClellan


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