Lord. Please, Help Me by Grace


8 thoughts on “Lord. Please, Help Me by Grace

  1. Dear Grace,
    I really enjoyed how well you spoke as Tom Robinson’s wife. You portrayed the character really well. You spoke with a very good the and spoke passionately.
    From Maggie


  2. Dear Grace,

    I absolutely thought you’re expressions towards your husband were extremely detailed. I was constantly intrigued by how you were talking about how to survive for yourself and the kids. This was a really good portrayal of Helen Robinson. Great job!



  3. Dear Grace,
    I liked how the screen is black and white because it gives you a feel of what films were back in the 1930’s. i noticed that you had a lot of emotion and emphasis with your words. i liked the setting and scenario of when you pray to god in the bed room.


  4. I like how you did your accent and I like how you showed emotion. I think that you should’ve showed your face. By the way are you sure Tom Robinson was killed by Bob Ewell and not just put into that situation?


  5. I really liked all the emotion that you put into your monolog. I really liked the way you used to concealed your script so you could read, it was very clever. I liked the choice of the black and white film. It worked well for the sad seen that you played. Over all you did a very good job and I liked your monolog.


  6. The emotion in your voice was astounding! it seemed so real! I almost thought you were actually crying at one point. I admire your ability to get in character and convince an audience. The monotone filter was a nice touch that I thought gave it a vintage feel and set an appropriate mood.


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