Letter from Tom Robinson by Davide


5 thoughts on “Letter from Tom Robinson by Davide

  1. Davide,
    I liked your video a lot. I enjoyed when you got up out of your chair to look out the window to she if anyone was there. I also liked when thought about what you were going to say before you wrote on one part. The only thing that was interesting to me, is why were you wearing a nice shirt? In TKAM movie they show Tom in overalls. But overall excellent job!!!


  2. Dear Davide,
    I liked your setting of the jail cell. I liked your realism to the character you played. I think it would have been cool to hear more feelings about other characters and the significance they played on your character. Overall great job!


  3. Davide,
    Your monologue was very good. I think the dark room fit extremely well with your character AND scenario. Your passion for what you were saying made me very interested in this video. For example, when you put your hands together like you were praying, it looked like you were completely confident playing this character. I could tell you picked up on so many little things with your facial expressions and body language that you knew would make your video great. Good work!


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