Boo Radley by Ben


7 thoughts on “Boo Radley by Ben

  1. Ben,
    I really liked how you showed how Boo was treated. I think also think it was cool how you showed how much he tried to see Jem, Scout, and sometimes Dill. It added to his character and that was unique. Why do you think Boo wasn’t allowed to watch the kids?


  2. That was great! Not only did it show a different side of Boo Radley it had comedy which I love. You showed how restricted Boo’s life is. It showed that he gave himself hope, but was too scared. All in all it was awesome, and clear to see your message. Can’t wait to see more!


  3. Dear Ben,
    I liked your setting and the different rooms you filmed in. I liked the voice over you incorporated throughout the video to sound like your thinking. I think you could have told more of your feelings about the town and the roles other characters play in the book for you. Overall good job!


  4. Dear Ben,
    I liked how you acted cautious like Boo Radley. I also liked how you showed how isolated he is. I liked how you showed how much his brother hates him. Good job!




  5. Ben,
    I thought it was cool the way you portrayed Arthur even adding him being told to go back into his room. I thought it was very realistic when he kept looking out the window and thinking about the kids and hoping that they don’t have to live the same life as him. Overall I really liked how you talked over him as if he were thinking it and not speaking out loud. Good one.


  6. Dear Ben,
    I really liked your monolog. The part that made it stand out the most to me from all the others was having the second voice in it. You also had lots of movement in it to as well which made it harder to fall asleep when watching yours. I also liked how you put the question at the end which made you stop and think. All and all I think that your video was really good.


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