A Letter to a Hero by Julia


5 thoughts on “A Letter to a Hero by Julia

  1. That video was great! It was so smooth and was filled with emotion. I could not see anything bad about it. The audio was smooth the writing and transitions were good. All in all this was a great video. Keep up the great work.


  2. Dear Julia,
    I thought it was really interesting to portray Helen Robinson in this video because she isn’t talked about much in the book. I thought it was a really good decision to thank Atticus formally and show how much he had done for Helen, the Robinson family, and the community as a whole. I liked the piece where she says, if something were to happen to the Finch family, you would stand by them and cry with them. I think this letter shows a distinct point of view why the Negro community gifted Atticus with all the food and treats after the trial, even though they lost. Overall, I really liked the emotion you showed and how you showed the “real” Helen Robinson.

    Jonah B


  3. Julia,
    I really like your video about Helen’s point of view in To Kill a Mockingbird. I liked how you stopped and cried during the video to show what affected Helen personally. The beginning was long but necessary because it sets up the tone for the whole video. It was also interesting to see the world through Helen’s eyes.
    Good Job,


  4. Julia,
    I really like that you picked Helen and how you made your video. I thought it was good to talk about Helen’s opinion of Atticus. I also liked how you talked about when she said she would stand by the Finch family if anything were to ever happen. I liked how you talked about the trial and how they lost. I thought it was an interesting point of view about Helen because she doesn’t get talked about a lot. I also like how you wiped your eyes and acted sad. You did a really nice job acting. It was overall really good.



  5. Dear Julia,

    Great job Julia! I really liked you dressing up to be Helen, and the desk and lamp setting. It looked really good and helped immerse the viewer into the scene. Your story for Helen is really good, and I liked that you gave a really nice view into Helen’s thoughts. The only suggestion I could think of is just something little, to maybe get the light switch out of shot, but that’s no big deal at all. What made you want to do your monologue on Calpurnia? Your writing looked really nice with the voiceover. I really loved your monologue!


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