What does “Redskin” really mean? By: Grace

The word Redskin was used to talk about bloody scalps of Native Americans after they were killed. Their “redskins” were sold for money after they were killed. The word Redskin is offensive to Native Americans, it’s a word that they tried to avoid for as long as they could… until our Capital City named the football team the “Washington Redskins.” How would you feel if someone called you a name that was offensive to your culture, image how terrible it would make you feel if the most hurtful name about your culture represented by your capitals football team?

The word has the same meaning to them as the n-word to African Americans. It’s the most offensive name you could call Native American. I feel that people know what they are doing is wrong they just don’t see any reaso
n why it’s wrong. I think also that some people consider what they are doing as a tradition because they’ve been doing it for so long.

An example of what some people think is a tradition is a town called Whitesboro in New York, which has a white man choking an Indian for their logo. That is absolutely crazy, and they said they should be able to keep it because it was tradition, and when that town was founded that’s what they did. They took a vote to keep the logo, I think it’s insane that some people don’t even have the courtesy to understand that they are making fun of someone else’s culture and that it is very wrong. They don’t realize that if someone did something like that to them that they would be very angry!

Some people do understand what they are doing is wrong though because people like the CEO of Adidas is willing to give schools who are going to change their name from redskins to something different new jerseys for all of their sports teams. I believe that shows that some people really are trying to do what’s right they just don’t have enough people to help and back them up. I think that change starts with one person, and I think that Adidas is doing a great job so far leading the movement for change. Since Adidas is such a huge and well-known company people will start to follow in their footsteps. Also, I think that Adidas should maybe offer to replace jerseys for the Washington Redskins at a reduced price.

I think that the Washington Redskins should really realize that what they’re doing is not only just having the name but they also have an Indian as their mascot which is also terrible. They have taken a specific race, and taken the people and made them into a joke. They chose to take Indians and make them more of a character than a person. I think that that’s terrible, I feel like they also need to stop saying that they are honoring Indians because they aren’t really honoring them they are making fun of them. I personally think that it’s worse because it’s our Nation’s Capital not just a college football team, or a football team from another state. I think that eventually they will realize what they are doing is wrong, and they will change it.

The owner of the Washington Redskins Dan Snyder said that he would never change the name of his team no matter if the court says that the name is offensive. I feel that that is awful because that shows how much he doesn’t care about how the Native Americans feel.

I think that least he could do is not have a mascot that is offensive to someone’s culture, also, I feel that people shouldn’t use an offensive term because they like the name for their football team. It’s not fair at all, no matter how much people try to justify what the name it is always going to be so offensive to Indians and there is nothing they can do about it. I think that once they change their name… If they ever do there should be a public apology to Native Americans.

At the end of the day, nobody wants to be reminded of something in their past that they hate talking about, and hate thinking about. Nobody wants to have to see people that are supposed to represent them as a character that has cartoon-like features. Nobody no matter how tough they want to see their culture and parts of who they are being made fun of.


2 thoughts on “What does “Redskin” really mean? By: Grace

  1. Dear Grace,
    I loved your blog post!
    Asking questions to the reader makes the reader think about the situation. One suggestion I have is to check your formatting. The pictures, which I thought help support your points, split your text in half. Also, the end of your post there was a lot of text. I think a picture at the end would help with the look of the text.
    What do you think could be done to help show people how offensive a word could be? Overall, I loved your blog post!


  2. Grace,
    Do you think people today still make fun of other people’s races/cultures using stereotypes?
    I really liked how you gave information and you used your opinion because I think that it’s important for the readers to share what they thought on the book.


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