Should it be banned? by Carter

“The absolute true diary of a part time Indian” by Sherman Alexie. Is a story about a kid on the reservation named Junior, who is smart, too smart for the reservation schools? So he goes to reardan, an all-white school. The other Indians on the rez don’t think of this a bravery they consider him a traitor to tradition. Some people seek to ban the absolute True diary of a part time Indian. I honestly don’t blame them. This is not a book that a 6th grader should be reading without a teacher’s permission. Why? Because it has some foul language. But, I’m not saying it should be banned. In fact I’m against it. If you don’t want your school library to have the book then talk to the librarian directly. I have a message from a mother of a freshman at Antioch High School.” Some parents of incoming freshmen at Antioch High School want an assigned summer reading book pulled from the school’s shelves and the curriculum because it uses foul, racist language and describes sexual acts” . I do agree with this message because what se said was in fact true, the book does have sexual acts and racist language. But it’s not the only book that’s had stuff that would make people want it to be banned.  Mean look at harry potter. That is banned so a school library somewhere has children who can’t read about a child who could teach them about bravery. It’s not about the words used in the book, it’s about the message that the book gives the reader.

  But “Harry potter” tells people that they have to be brave when all hope seems to be lost. The absolute true diary of a part time Indian also has a message. In my opinion I believe the message is, to never give up no matter what the cost. Junior “betrayed” the reservation by going to an all-white school. He had to decide between becoming a traitor and having a chance to be someone in the real world. He chose to show everyone that he is more than just another kid on the reservation. He chose to more than what was expected of him. And do you blame him. His teacher saw his potential and told him about Reardan and that he should go there. I personally feel like all the Indians who hated his guts for doing this are all fools. If they just followed juniors lead then the next generation of rez kids could all be very successful. Maybe as successful as junior. But, back to the main topic of this post. Should it be a banned book? I still say no but I can’t 100% believe that it can’t be banned. Because, there are a few things that would make people want to ban this book. Especially towards the beginning. I would suggest that those who want to ban it have read the entire book. The people who banned harry potter, the majority probably have never read the series. If they did, maybe they would have thought twice. I mean it was banned for magic and wizards, etc. if they don’t like magic then why there are so many star wars books. Those have “magical space wizards with swords” and stuff worse than True Diary. I mean the books that I have read are full of death and despair. And there are a lot worse books than this one that you should be trying to ban. I have read True diary and I think it is one of the best books I have ever read. Right off the bat I liked it. It was funny and it looked and sounded a lot like a 90s movie. I’m actually surprised that it’s not a movie. It would be great. Maybe even one of the best. I mean the book is a best seller so they should at least try.




One thought on “Should it be banned? by Carter

  1. Dear Carter,
    I really enjoyed your post about why this book should or shouldn’t be banned. I did notice a few grammatical errors as I was reading, but besides those it was a decently good writing piece. I personally loved how you compared the book to Harry Potter, because of the similar things the books can teach, but yet they are so different. The post was very casual and was like having a conversation with you. It flowed nicely and was easy to read.


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