Don’t miss out!!! by Julia

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie is a story about a Native American wanting to live a better life than the poor life he is living now. This book is an inspiring book that is based on the author’s life.

I would give this book 4 and ½ stars. I like the fact that Sherman Alexie wrote a year of his life in to a book. Also the fact that he used comic drawings to help describe what he was talking about. The comics really helped me to understand more about his culture and his family. One of my favorite comics that was in the book is when he has a drawing of the person and describes them. I like these comics because it helps me visualize the characters in the book.

The fact that he felt comfortable writing about his personal life was neat. I might not feel that comfortable to write about my personal life. The things that were in the book must have been so personal. Also he told us about his inside thoughts about what was happening to him in the moment or how he felt about someone. He had so many losses that I would not feel comfortable telling the world about.

My favorite part of the book was when Junior and his team beat Wellpinit. I liked this part because I can relate how he feels when you beat a team that crushed you the first time you played them. Having played on a club basketball team and also playing on a school them the level is totally different. A few people have played basketball before that are on the school team, but also there is a bunch who is the first time playing. When I read this part I was so excited for Junior and it felt like I was in the stands watching the game. It was in such detail that I could imagine the whole book in my head.

Another thing that was really good about this book was that Sherman Alexie didn’t make the whole book serious. He added a lot of humor in to the book. That is a good thing because it’s really boring reading a book that is so serious. Some parts of the book were serious because those parts kind of had to be serious but he just made those parts really detailed and had good comics with those parts.

The whole booked flowed really well together, but one thing that I didn’t like that much was it was hard to keep track of everything that was happening. I personally love to read action packed stories like this one, but it was difficult because there were also a lot of flash backs. The back stories were really interesting, I liked the story with him and Rowdy climbing the tallest tree in the Rez. I liked this story because Junior didn’t want to climb the tree but he did anyways because he didn’t want to disappoint his best friend.

This is an amazing book about a true dairy. I suggest everyone who hasn’t read it read it.


3 thoughts on “Don’t miss out!!! by Julia

  1. Julia,
    I really enjoyed reading your personal opinion on the book! I liked the connections you made to basketball, and how you realized you could relate to Junior when he was playing for Reardon. I think it was a good idea to add in what you thought of the pictures. Why do you think the author added illustrations to the book? Good job!


  2. Julia,

    Did you like the drawings that Sherman Alexie used the drawings to talk and use as Junior’s feelings? What was your favorite? I also really liked how you were honest and saying what you would rate it? What parts would you change? Do you think Sherman Alexie was too honest and gave too much personal information?


  3. Julia,

    Great blog post. I really like your transitions to a new point in your overall writing. I also enjoyed hearing how you connected to the book. I also liked that your pictures were well spaced between each other, and how they’re all on the left side. My only suggestion, would be to make it clear what you were writing about. Is this a summary of the book? Overall it was really good, and I look forward to your next blog post.



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