Banned Books By: Peter

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Should the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie be banned? I believe that the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie should not be banned from schools. The book tells an uncensored version of a Native American’s (Junior’s) life. Many parts of the book are clean and do not have explicit language but some parts include a lot of profane language. I think this because this book tells the truth, it teaches kids about racist stereotypes and what’s it’s like being a Native American and being made fun of.


I do not understand why parents hide this kind of stuff from their kids because they will learn it one day or another so why not now? If young people never taught about these sensitive issues, they will not be able to understand what Native Americans had to go though and continue to go through. And to add on if they don’t know what the language in this book means they may never know what they mean. I think if they know about these issues then things may change for the better. They may find more respect and success.


2 thoughts on “Banned Books By: Peter

  1. I really liked your blog post and it was very interesting to hear your side. You had some great points and made a great argument. I would have liked to see more to make your argument even better. Your post kept me engaged and made me want to read more.


  2. Peter,
    I liked your blog post, and I agree with your opinion. I liked your argument, but maybe you should add a little more to it to give the reader more reasons as to why the book shouldn’t be banned. What made you want to write about this topic? Nice job on your post. I really enjoyed it.

    Max W.


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