The Game by Carter

I stepped on to the cold dark field. It was night time and it was freezing. All I had on was a jacket and a winter cap. Most of the other kids had team pants and team jackets that were much thicker than mine. I was the new kid that day. That’s why I didn’t have the team stuff. It was the first game of the Spring Season.  And my first game. I was so excited but at the same time nervous. All I wanted was to show my teammates that I could play as good as they could. When I tried out for the team, the coach made me a defender. Most kids had to tryout a couple times before making it. I made it the first day. When I learned I was playing defense I was filled with joy. I loved to play defense.

Then the buzzer sounded. It was game time. I played left defense even though I am right footed. As soon as the game started I noticed that select was much harder than playing for a school team. And I liked it being harder. It gave me a real challenge. At my school I played defense and I was able to score, more than once. We played okay for the first five minutes. I didn’t even break a sweat. But then it happened.

Nic our center right midfielder passed me the ball. I don’t usually get passed to, I’m used to stealing the ball from my opponents. I felt like every person in the stands was watching me. I knew I couldn’t mess up. It was my time to show my opponents what I was made of. And I did. I dribbled up the field like a cheetah on red bull. Passed the forwards. Pass the midfield. Eventually I was right in front of the defense. I dribbled a little more and took a shot. It felt good to get rid of the ball. I barely missed. The ball hit the top crossbar as it went out.

As I jogged back to my position I looked to my left and saw the opponent forward look at me in awe. Guess he wasn’t expecting that. As I turned around ready to intercept the ball from whomever it was going to be kicked to, suddenly I noticed a stinging pain on my ankle. I looked down and I saw a blood stain in my white sock. It didn’t really surprise me. That’s just one of the things you get in soccer. After a while I forgot about it since the cold numbed the pain.

Nothing really exciting happened until the last 17 minutes or so of the game. Our opponents had the ball. And I was the last line of defense. Their forward was an incredibly good dribbler. He went right around our midfield. And was now heading straight toward me. He was twice my size. He was Goliath and I was David. But that day he learned an important lesson. Do not underestimate me. I may be short but I can catch anyone no matter their size or their amount of skill. See I learned all of the skill moves and I know just the right ways to counter most of them. I stood up tall. I knew what I had to do. I moved directly in front of him.  And then I stepped on the ball. Hard. He went flying. And I did what any one would have done in that situation. I ran. I ran faster than ever. All the people in the stands saw was a blur. I felt like a fighter jet that was about to break the sound barrier. I ran right past their whole team. Until I was at the goalie. But I didn’t shoot the ball. No, I passed it right across the box to Max and he headed it into the goal. The final score was 4-5. we won. I won my first game. And I still continue to be a valuable player. From the Kansas City. soccer tournament to the Tony Glavin tournament. To this day I will continue to be a wall, a solid defender.



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