Teamwork By Kylie

It was a bright and hot day. I stepped out of the car and got that feeling you get when you know it will be a good day. I was walking to the field with my friends standing by me. I don’t think they knew what I was thinking but the thought was a reassuring. When I stepped on the field and saw the team my stomach dropped. That bright and reassuring feeling was gone. A new feeling was there. One that said, “just go home. You’re going to lose.” I pushed it away.

We started to warm up. We were all talking about how we had to try our hardest. How we wanted to win. I felt like we were so confident on the outside but terrified on the inside. I tried to hide it. We all did. But it wasn’t good enough. The other team could tell we were scared, that just shot up their confidence.

When the game was about to start my coach said the same thing he always said.

“Go out there have fun and try your hardest” he said it in an unconfident voice. He didn’t wan6 it to show. He always believed in us. It did show

“Yeah let’s do it!” said the cheerfully girl who never got down on herself or anybody.

I don’t know why but this hit me hard. If she is still so happy and confident. Why can’t I be? Why can’t my team be?

When the game started I had one thing on my mind, have fun.

I heard the whistle and the ball was kicked down the field. The other team grabbed the ball and started down the field. They were getting closer. I ran up and kicked the ball from under number twelves feet. The ball rolled down the middle of field to one of my team mates. She started to dribble up but lost the ball to another player.

We were up by one but we were losing stamina. And my coach could tell. He was yelling to us from the bench telling us to perk up and get more energy. It didn’t work for most of my team. They scored another goal and we were tied. That’s went everything went downhill. They scored one more goal. Everyone just got plain.

We scored one more goal and it was tied again. The rest of the first half was just boring the ball going up and down the field. I felt like the clock was going in slow motion. Every second getting slower and slower. The moms and few dads were staring into space or on their phones. That got my team mates mad. I could tell. For the last five minutes was like a parade. The slow motion broke and I felt good. A burst of energy came to half of us and everyone caught on. We played the last five minutes like it was our last game of the season. We didn’t get any goals they didn’t either

The whistle was blown, it was half time. I had a huge smile on my face and so did the rest of my teammates. My coach was happy and that made him give us one of the best pep talks I’ve ever heard.

We all sat down some on the field and a few on the bench. He looked at us and said

“Why didn’t you guys put 100% into that half? You knew this would be hard. So I want you to go out there and play the game like you played those last five minutes. To be honest to you guys it was boring to watch half that game. Wasn’t it boring to play?”

“Yeah” we all said

“Was those last five minutes boring?” he said

“No” we sighed

“So then go out there play your best, hardest, and show everyone that you’re a good team and love to play this sport.”

We stood up and cheered that cheer we always said but a little bit louder and a lot more enthusiastic.

When the second half started intend of defense I was the goalie. I was scared but had this burst of energy when the whistle was blown. The ball was passed down the field to the left forward. She kicked it to the goal and missed. The other team’s goalie was as a fast as a tiger and grabbed the ball and kicked it down the field. It came straight to one of the defenders and she kicked midair and missed the ball. She started to laugh and so did everyone else but the ball was still moving. I could hear my coach yelling to shake it off and get the ball. One of our defenders kicked the ball out of the field. I was happy she got it but now the other team had a corner kick.

I started to freak out because I didn’t want to mess this up for my team. The words my coach said just minutes before were running though my head. I kept those words as she kicked the ball straight in front of the goal. One of our defenders was battling one of the offenders for the ball. I ran up a bit to get the ball. The girl was a lot bigger than our player. The ball went straight though her legs she didn’t have time to start fighting for it again. I grabbed the ball and drop kicked it down the field.

As the game passed on we were on the last seven minutes. The score was 6-5 and we were winning. They had the ball and kicked it straight down the field. The middle outside mid took the ball and set one of her players up to shoot. She started to sprint to the ball kicked it will all she had in her. The ball hit off the goal post and rolled out.

At that moment I knew that we were going to win. There were two minutes left and we had the ball. One of our defenders kicked the ball down the field to another one of our players. And so on. It looked like it was going down a line of people in slow motion. They kept dibbling and passing the ball. Until it got to the end. She took a huge kick at the ball and missed. It was a big bummer.

As the few seconds counted down the game was over. We had won. We had won against one of the best teams in our league. We all ran to the middle of the filed with excitement and happiness. We had a big group hug with us screaming and cheering. It felt really good as we shook hands and went through the tower of hands of our parents.

Our coach didn’t say anything like good job. He just gave us high fives and smiled.


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