Spring Break by Julia

Having a two week spring break my sound fun, but having a two week spring break and not do anything then sit in a gym and watch my sister play volleyball is boring. Especially when the whistles are in your ear and you think you’ve gone deaf. Or when all the balls are bouncing from court to court. Or when we even talk about volleyball for 8+ hours. Sometimes it’s all we talk about. I’m not kidding, if its volleyball season we only talk about volleyball. Volleyball, volleyball, volleyball! AHHH!

Besides that, I couldn’t do anything that exciting anyways because I broke my arm a few weeks earlier. That bummed me out a lot because spring basketball for my club team just started and I could not play.

My grandparents were in town so at least I had some company if I didn’t want to go to volleyball. Finally, after my sister’s last game of the tournament, we tried to cram everything that we wanted to do with them in two days. They day before they left, my grandma took my sister and I shopping. After 30 minutes we hadn’t found anything we wanted, “Can we go back home?” Sophia asked.

“Just look a little longer.” My grandma said like she was reading off of a scrip. “There is this store I want to go to anyways.”

“Ok fine.”

Later that night, when we got home, I noticed a few things gone or out of place, one of those things being my suitcase. I didn’t think of much because we only had five days of spring break left and my grandparents were leaving early the next morning. Since they were leaving at four in the morning I didn’t want to wake up to drive them to the airport, neither did Sophia. We said our good-byes then went to bed. Something I noticed when I was walking upstairs is that my parents were acting strange. Even the air around them felt different.

When I was trying to fall asleep I was replaying the day’s events in my head. Like how bizarre it was that my suitcase was gone or that or that my grandma stalled at the mall when we didn’t find anything that we wanted and how everyone was talking so unfamiliar. I was thinking about how much we wanted to go on a family trip this spring break but we couldn’t because of all the volleyball. The idea finally clicked, I almost screamed, “WE ARE GOING ON A SURPRISE VACATION!!!” But I caught myself before I could actually scream. I had to find a way to tell Sophia. I couldn’t think of a way of telling her besides a way I would get caught. Her room is in the basement and I am on the second floor. It was way after 9:00 PM, so I was not allowed to send a text.  I figured I will just tell her tomorrow morning.

(3:00 a.m.)

“Julia wake up.” My mom said trying to wake me up.

I was so confident that we were going on a surprise vacation I almost told her that I knew but then I just asked, “What, why?”

This question stumped her and she probably forgot to think of a reason before. She was a quick thinker and said, “Because we are going to drive grandma and grandpa to the airport, and I thought you and Sophia should come along anyway.” She said like she was asking a question.

“Oh ok.” I said trying to hide my smile.

When she left the room, I quickly got dressed. I tried to see if I could tell if anything else was missing or out of place. I glanced at the corner of my room where my suitcase stays. It was definitely still missing. The grin became wider on my face.  I was too excited to pay attention to much else so I just went down stairs and collapsed into the couch.

A few minutes later Sophia came upstairs and sat on the other coach and almost fell asleep. I could tell she thought of nothing unusual when we had to wake up early. I was debating telling her after all. For 3:00 in the morning, I was wide awake and jittery.  I was antsy about getting to the car and driving to the airport “to drop off my grandparents.”  I thought she should know that we were going on a surprise vacation.  Maybe she would be less grouchy.  Maybe she would even talk to me.  That never happens in the morning when she is tired.  But then I thought I would just keep it to myself. If she doesn’t know, then later I will get all the credit of figuring out the surprise when she knew nothing.

When my dad told us to get in the car, I rapidly looked in the trunk. They did a good job hiding our suitcases underneath our grandparent’s but it was recognizable that ours were there too. I smiled but tried to hide it. I was screaming on the inside and hiding it on the outside.

When Sophia came to the car, I had only a second to explain to her what was going on. She was just more confused when I tried to explain. Ugh!  She is NOT a morning person.

The drive to the airport felt like it took longer than it usually does. I still have no idea where we are going when we get to the airport, I hope that we are going someplace without a beach because of my cast.  How much fun is a beach when you cannot get in the water?

When we finally got to the airport, I was so excited I almost screamed. I held it in.

Sophia was complaining on wanting to just say her good-byes in the car. My mom forced her out of the car. She was so tired that she didn’t even notice that we were in the parking lot and not the passenger drop off area. But when she got out of the car she saw that they were pulling out our suitcases too and she woke up immediately.

“Why do we have our suitcases here?” Sophia asked.

“Well……….. you will find out in a minute or two.” My dad said.

When we walked through the doors of the airport, all I could think about is where we are going. When we got to the checked bags area the attendant that was helping us sounded like she spoke another language because I was so excited I could not concentrate on what anyone was saying. I didn’t even know what I was saying.

“Can you please sign here.” The attendant said pointing at a signature box in my passport.

“Uh, yah. Why?” I asked, or at least that what I thought I asked.

“Because if you are going out of the country then you will need your passport.” She said to me. My face lit up when she said that, I was so excited and again I hoped it was something without a beach.

I signed my passport with the sloppy handwriting due to my cast that was on my right arm. My sister did the same thing. I think she was more excited than me because when we left to go through security she almost forgot to put her things in a basket.

After we went through security our parents finally gave us our tickets and we found out where our gate was. We got to the gate and the screen read…

Cancun, México

I was both sad and excited at the same time. I was just imaging myself at the hotel not being able to do anything because my cast. I think my parents knew I was sad because they came up to me and said, “If we knew that you had a cast we might not have planned this trip, but since we planned it before you broke your arm we talked to the doctor and he gave us something to put over your arm so you could go to the beach and no water will go in it. It looks like a big over mitt.”

After they said that I was ready to go on this trip.  I was thinking, I can live with a giant oven mitt on my arm for four days.  After watching 8 hours of volleyball every day for a week, then an oven mitt on the beach is paradise.

When we landed in the Cancun airport, Sophia and I both screamed. The airport was a lot larger than I imagined. I could smell the fresh salty air of the beach. It was much hotter than it would be in St. Louis this time of the year.

After we got all of our bags from the crammed baggage claim we had to go outside to take a bus taxi to the hotel. People that were waiting with us to go to the hotel must have thought we were crazy. Sophia and I didn’t know where we were going so we wore pants. Pants to Cancun, we were crazy.

“What hotel are we going to?” Sophia and I both asked almost in sync.

“Well there were a lot of hotels to pick from and we believe we picked the best one. It’s an all exclusive and the name of it is Crown Paradise.” My dad said.

When we got dropped off to the hotel it’s was still early so we had almost the whole day there. The hotel was full of busy people either trying to leave or getting checked in for their room. Most of the rooms were not ready, including ours, so we put our suitcases in an area for us to keep them.

We decided to look around while they were getting our room ready. There was everything that you would dream of having at a hotel it was amazing. There were two swimming pools outside. One was an infinity pool that looked over the beach. There was one swimming pool that was inside also. There was a water park, and a pool that was only open at night. Also five restaurants that the food was really good. After we saw all of that we went to the beach.

THE BEACH. Everything around you felt like it was in a movie. You know the soft cold breeze, the salty air, and the seagulls flying or looking for food, it was just perfect. The one thing was is I couldn’t go in right away. Luckily, our room was almost ready and we could do more things when we get settled.

“It’s been an hour, can we see if the rooms ready?” I asked dying of the heat and wanting to jump in the water.

“Sure I can tell we are all getting really hot because of the temperature.” My mom said.

Our room was ready, we got everything in our room then changed in to our swim suits, which is what we basically wore for the rest of the trip.

Throughout the vacation we went, snorkeling, shopping, and just relaxed on the beach or by the pool. The cool thing about Crown Paradise what that everything was exclusive. We just had to call ahead for the restaurants. There was also a buffet that was open for breakfast and lunch.

It was the last night of the most wonderful vacation. It was also the best sunny day you could imagine. “Do we have to leave tomorrow?” I asked already knowing the answer but not wanting it to be true.

“Unfortunately we do. But we had a good time. Don’t you think?” My mom said to me looking like she didn’t want to go either.

“Yah I did, I thought it would be the worst time also because of my cast.” I said while we were getting on the elevator to go to our room.

None of us wanted to know the fact that we had to wake up early the next morning to leave paradise. Especially that would be our last day of spring break, and that we would have to go back to school or work the following day.

(5:00 a.m.)

“Come on guys we can’t be late. The bus will be here in a couple of minutes.” My mom said frantically.

“But I have to brush my teeth!” I said a little louder than I should have.

“Fine just hurry up!” She screamed back. I guess we all aren’t morning people.

When the bus came we slowly walking to the stairs taking our time. We finally made it to the bus and we said bye to paradise. The bus ride felt like it took 2 seconds because I didn’t want to leave yet.

We got on the plane and I closed my eyes replying the time of my life…


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