It was a tremendously hot day, so hot that you could see heat waves radiating off of the pavement. In the community center’s mid-condition gymnasium, was filled with about ten rambunctious teenagers looking for a good time, mostly around the age of 13 and 14. The basketball hoop was raised to ten feet high. One of the boys decided that it would be the perfect time to play a 5 vs 5 game so that each team could prove their greatness and show off their skills it would be a contest of champions. The boys would determine who the captains would be by whoever makes the first and second 3 point shot. The first ones to make a shot was a kind of tall boy with the best shot you’ll ever see named Derek Smith, and his shot was followed by another boy who’s shot wasn’t so nice named James Ross. The two friends selected their team members. On Derek’s side was Nic who was the second best in the gymnasium and had the best ball handling skills in the whole place, Julian who thought he was the best but learned the hard way when he played against Derek and got blown out, Noah wasn’t that good at basketball but could dominate anyone on the soccer field, Last but not least was Hisham, otherwise known as the great defender because no matter how good your dribbling skills were he would go on lock down defense and there was no way to get past him. That concludes Derek’s team.

James team consisted of Devin Mitchell whose could be pretty obnoxious and unbearable at times, Drake was Derek’s older brother in high school whose shot was on point and he had really good defensive skills, Ahmad had pretty good handles and at times could make a shot, Cameron was probably that person who just walks around on the court and didn’t do anything. Now each team of course needed a team name, Derek chose his team to by the Cavaliers because his favorite player was Lebron James, James chose his team name to be Golden state because he thinks he’s as good as Stephen Curry.

Since Nic and Drake were the tallest people in the gym they were the one to tip it. The two boys bumped fists and then got in a position indicating that they were about to jump. Noah threw up the ball because everyone could trust him. When the two boys jumped up they both resembled crickets. Nic ended up tipping the ball back to Derek, and then he instantly dribbled the ball down the court and maneuvered through everyone on the opposing team but suddenly he came to a stop when went up to Cameron because Derek would never pass up an opportunity to show off his skills by breaking someone’s ankles on the court, and that’s exactly what happened. Derek threw the ball between Cameron’s legs making him look down then he crossed the ball back while Cameron was slowly turning the opposite way that Derek was going. Derek threw the ball to Nic who was now astonished. Nic dribbled the ball to the hoop and did a lay-up and earned two points for his team.

Devin went out of bounds and passed the ball inbound to James who acted as the point guard. Everyone in the cavaliers team went to the other side of the court except Hisham, who stayed back to defend James. All James saw was kind off a hulkish figure sprinting up to him. James knew that it would take him a while to get past Hisham, so he signaled one of his teammates to come and set a pick on Hisham and he succeeded in his plan. James passed the ball to Drake and Drake shot the ball but unfortunately he missed the shot, and Ahmad got in Noah’s way of the ball and intercepted it and shot it but luckily Julian was there and blocked his shot. Golden State just wouldn’t give up because when Ahmad’s shot was blocked, the ball was hit to James. James threw up a shot that made his arms wave all around in the air because he made it. Nic was a little uneasy at that moment because whenever he shoots his form is good, unlike James’s form, but it always rickoshaed off the rim, or backboard. The score was 2 to 3. Golden State was up by 1 point.

Noah passed the ball into Nic who was the point guard dribbled down the court without anyone daring to stop him. Devin, and Cameron run up to Nic who is about to lay up the ball again, but he is charged by the two behemoth looking figures. One of them slaps Nics wrist so hard that it turns kind of red. All of the Cavalries yell the word foul so loud that if they were in a room filled with glass it would shatter it all. Nic walked up to the free throw line worried that he would miss the shot. He still played around at the line doing the stuff NBA people do whenever the go up to the line, but more. James however grew weary of Nic’s constant playing. Nic released the ball which made it rapidly spin around throughout the air it surprisingly dropped in the net and all you could hear was the relaxing, exhilarating tone that sounded like “swish”. The boy started hollering “I’m the best shooter ever”. Derek then went up to the boy who was bouncing off of walls and said “debatable”. He shot his second free throw and sure enough he made it and yelled “BUCKETS!” which kind really ticked James off.

While James wasn’t paying attention Devin passed the ball in to Cameron which was not such a great idea because the way he dribbles is just by banging the ball ferociously on the ground so hard that it can break a hole in the ground that would sink down to the earth’s core. Noah went up to Cameron and played lock down defense on him. Cameron couldn’t get past the small boy with the great defense. Soon Noah stole the ball from Cameron who was a little agitated about his shortcomings in the game. Nic was running down the court calling for the ball, so Noah passed it to him. James came up to Nic thinking that he could guard him. But he was ever so wrong because Nic threw the ball behind James’s back then crossed it back in front of him and passed the ball to Derek, and James was stuck on the court on his back feeling extremely embarrassed. The game stopped for about ten seconds because Golden State and the Cavalries were laughing their heads off, well everyone but James who was a little agitated because of what Nic had done to him.

The game resumed shortly after James’s ankles got better from the ball, and Drake ran up to defend his brother but all you could hear was a splash after the ball had gone in. Cameron passes the ball inbound to James who surprisingly makes it down the court swiftly and he charges into everyone in the paint. Nobody calls a foul on him because if you did you will spend over an hour arguing with him which can be extremely infuriating. All out of luck, he still makes the shot. The cavaliers had seven points and Golden State had five. Nic slowly walked out of bounds so he could pass the ball in to Noah. When he got the ball the small boy ended up meeting face to face with Cameron, he tried to get past him but he was constantly fouled by the kid who obviously didn’t know what he was doing. Noah was pestered by the boys lack of knowledge in basketball, so he asked “can I have someone else guard me?”. When those words spilled out of his mouth James finally snapped. The now furious version of James stomped up to Noah so hard that it made the ground tremble. Noah looked petrified like he had seen a ghost, or a really scary because he truly believed James was going to try and hurt him. But that’s not what happened, James was just blabbering on about how good of a defender he thought Cameron was. Drake had to yank his own teammate away from Noah because he just wanted to resume the game already.

When it finally did resume the Cavaliers had possession of the ball, and instead of Cameron guarding Noah, Ahmad did which made things go easier. Derek dashed down the court calling for the ball, so Noah tossed it to him. It looked as if he were going to try to dunk, but he’s not that tall yet. When he came up to do a layup a tall figure appeared right in front of him and smacked the ball out of his hands. The tall figure then maneuvered so swiftly down the court that nobody could tell who he was. But when he stopped and pulled up for the shot everyone recognized who it was. It was Drake, and that was so surprising to everyone because nobody has ever seen him move so quickly, or seen him block a ball that way. Unfortunately the shot doesn’t even arrive to its destination and all the boys shout “Kobe!” for some strange reason.

rake looked as if he were going to blow a fuse and randomly chucked the ball as hard as he could and once it hit its unknown target, all you could hear was a shriek of pain coming from Julian. He trudged out of the gymnasium holding a spot where the sun would refuse to ever shine. The teenagers in the room just had their hands covering their mouths, but suddenly most of them disbanded upstairs to a room that consisted of two vending machines, an air hockey table, and a ping pong table, all in deep silence. The only ones left in the gym were Nic, Derek, and Noah who just shrugged and then began gloating about they’re victory, and Julian’s inevitable injury. “guys we killed in that game, remember when I messed up James’s ankles, the look on his face though.” Nic said while letting out a small chuckle. ” it was so priceless, he was like oh no my ankles!” Derek said while laughing out loud. Unfortunately for the three boys, James had heard them and started chasing them around the whole community center.


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