My Day by Ellie

“Hurry up. We can’t be late!” Mom yelled. Her voice sounding exited. When I got in the car, I thought wow, today was the day I had been waiting for, for over a year. I was so excited. In my purple dress cold from the February frost in the air, I was ready. I stepped out of the car grabbed the challah my friend’s mom had made for the luncheon. The parking-lot was empty but I knew it would soon fill with all my family and friends. I ecstatically walked inside the temple with the lady who works at the front desk saying good luck! I looked behind me and the photographers were there. I walked to the sanctuary. I turned the lights on and looked where I would soon read Hebrew. There I stood on the bema where I placed the binder which I would read from.

My family arrived. With smiles on our faces, lights flashed. Before I knew it everyone arrived. I went behind the bema and my mom said good luck as I got ready to start. I walked out nervously as everyone was watching me. I stood high feeling faint and grabbing the paper with my sweaty, shaking hands, I sang the first song with my rabbi. For the first half, it was nerve-racking. I got used to it but it’s not that easy when 150 people are watching you and you can’t mess up. It became easier when I walked around with the torah and people shouted good luck as I walked by. At the end I took a sip of the apple juice was in place of wine and the bread and then it was over.

At the luncheon, we ate and watched a montage. I watched while everyone awed at my baby pictures. Then I sat with my friends as we talked about everything that had happened. Then, people left and I would soon see them at my party. I went home depressed that it was all over but happy I did so well.

One of my friends that had moved from our school and was staying with us had come home with me. We hung out and then I got my hair done in curls for my party. I put my dress on and then we were on our way to Meadowbrook country club.

I arrived an hour early so I could have a photo shoot with my family. When my family got there we took a lot of pictures. Then, I stood by the door waiting eagerly for my friends to arrive. When people started arriving I would point them the way of the party room and then they would receive tickets from a ticket booth.

There were two rooms. In the first one there were tables that looked like popcorn, a big light that read Ellie, a dip and dots stand, and a popcorn stand. We first went in the first room which wasn’t the main party room. We played games, ate popcorn, and I received many presents from my friends and family. Thirty minutes after everyone arrived, we went into the big room which had been covered by curtains. I was shocked! I had been picturing it for so long and now I finally got to see it. It was amazing!

On the right side of the room laid two carnival stands. The first stand had three fishbowls with water in them with plush prizes surrounding it. The stand right next to it, had a wall with balloons on it with some darts laying to the side. On the other side of the room, there were two more stands. One of the stands had a huge block-like stage with pins sitting atop, it was a bowling game! The stand that sat next to it, was a human ring toss! I had taken a picture of myself in a position where people could through rings on my hands and my feet. They printed out a huge copy of it and stood it up so we could make it a ring toss game. Lastly, right in the center of the room stood a huge dance floor with lights and a DJ. I was so happy.

As I walked in the DJ announced for everyone to take a seat on the dance floor. As they sat down I started to walk up to the stage in front of the dance floor. When I got to the stage I read a speech thanking everyone for coming and for whoever helped prepare me for my big day. At the end of my speech I informed everyone to stay until the end because there would be a surprise. After this, my family had prepared another video for everyone. Then we did the Hebrew blessings over the wine and the bread. This would be the last time I would recite Hebrew for everyone. Everyone got off of the dance floor and grabbed there tickets that they received when they walked in to play the carnival games. I went to the first game and tried to throw the ping-pong balls nervously into the fish bowls. I didn’t do so well but I later came back and got all three in! Then I went and threw darts at balloons and hit a few. I went to every game and spent a lot of time at the ring toss. Then I went on the dance floor and danced with my friends. After a lot of dancing we decided to get dip and dots from the other room and take some pictures. I smiled with my arms around my friends, looking at the camera.

Then I went back to my friends and we ate dinner. The kids had their own spate room to eat and as we ate people untied the balloons held down to the table, they would suck the helium in as their voices squeaked. As all the balloons popped and came down I ate a hamburger and then we had desert. For desert, I had cotton candy, and a birthday cake, because of my birthday being on the same day. As everyone sang happy birthday I blew out the candles.

After dinner we all went back to dancing. I played more games, visited with friends, and talked to my family. I was much exited because it was getting to the party where I would revile my surprise that I had announced at the beginning of the party. After about another hour of dancing, giving out prizes, and winning carnival games I was ready. My party planner called me outside of the party and I would now costume change to get ready for my surprise. I went outside and sat on the deck where I would soon fall. I felt the freezing water with my feet as I almost changed my mind from how cold it was. As I got ready my friends and family huddled in a line and came out the door to see the surprise. I smiled as my friends and family yelled “OMG! A DUNK TANK!” As I shivered I couldn’t wait but was also nervous to feel the shock when I would hit the water. The tank was supposed to be inside, but here was a leak so they had to drag it outside.

As my friends watched, the DJ picked names out of a hat that I had written to get called up to dunk me. A few of my friends and one or two family members came up, but they were told to miss. In the end my mom came up and I knew it would be the slam dunk. As she threw the ball I could hear the DJ said hit it! My mom looked at me in contemplation and I shook my head and then said go. She threw the ball and missed. She tried again and hit it. As the people cheered I hit the cold water in shock and shivered from the cold.

I got out and the party was pretty much over. I got a nice warm jacket from my cousin and kept dancing as people left. When everyone left I was sad. I packed all of the presents in the car and said goodnight to the DJ. As I left I was sad but my friends were sleeping over so it wasn’t totally over. As I drove home I was depressed that it was all over and I wished I could have the experience again.

When I got home, two of my friends and I spent an hour opening and viewing presents that I received throughout the day. I thought about the whole thing over and over and then fell asleep after a long day at about 2am.

When I woke up my friends left and I thanked my mom for the best day ever. For the next few days I was depressed that I couldn’t look forward to it anymore, but happy with the outcome. It was truly the best day of my life.


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