Forza 6 Racing Video Game by Peter

I went down into my basement running to my Xbox One, I quickly turned it on and started Forza 6, then I started matchmaking for a race. Finally I found a race there were 18 players waiting in the lobby waiting to race. Some players were using the fastest car in the game the Bugatti Veyron. I was using the 2017 Ford GT. There was 20 seconds until the race, then we went to the starting line. I started the race in 5th place then someone swiftly drove next to me and I spun out lots of people passed me and I ended up in last place I was struggling to get to first place but I knew there was still hope. I can barely see the other cars in front of me. I eventually pass enough people to be in 2nd place in the race. Most of the windows on my car were broken. The 1st lap passed by very fast, I was still in 2nd place, but there were still people right behind me. I heard the cars behind me roaring through the speakers. I didn’t think I would be able to make it into first place before the race finished. I looked into my mirror and there was someone right behind me. I kept turning when they turned so they couldn’t get in front of me. Then they tried to hit me but instead they spun out furiously and I went into first place. I had 2 more laps to go before I finished. It was a very intense race with 18 people in it. I didn’t know if I could stay in first place but I managed to do that then someone quickly came in front of me and hit my car so I spun out. The race was over and I ended up in 4th place. I knew I wouldn’t be able to win because to top 3 people were using the fastest car in the game. My cars speed didn’t even come close to beating theirs, but at least I leveled up so I could spin the prize wheel, the grand prize was a Locust formula race car its worth 1 million in game credits, and I pressed stop spinning and closed my eyes hoping for the Locust. I could not believe my eyes when I saw what I got. Finally I got the grand prize, I was so happy I could not help but screaming. After the race I continued to try and get enough in-game money to afford a better car. So I continued to get more money to save up for that car. The End


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