Why Is “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” Banned? By Ben

According to The American Library Association, book banning is caused by one of three things. The material is considered to sexually explicit, the material had offensive language, or the material wasn’t appropriate for any age group. There are other minor reasons for banning books, but these are the main three key factors in a book’s banning.


Sherman Alexie’s novel is commonly banned because the book contains some sexual content that could be seen as now right for kids or some teens.


“The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” tells the tale of a young Native American boy on a Native American reservation. Sherman Alexie tells this tale in a very real way, as if a 14 year old boy was actually telling you it, which means there are a few parts that could be considered explicit. Already there you have a flag. The tale tells a story about identity, loss, and hope. This book also contains some language that could be perceived as offensive to some people, but not all. Second flag. Lastly, the book tells the tale of a fourteen year old boy, who has dealt with the consequences of living on an Indian reservation. This book could seem unfitting to some age groups because the book talks about what could happen to many teens across America if they were in the same situation. Third Flag. As you can see, this book contains material that could lead to this book banned.




The book in my opinion should not be banned, as it tells a very real tale of Indian reservation life, and how it impacts children. The book does indeed contain some explicit words and/or actions, but as far as I can tell, none of these things really takes offense to any one person or group. An example of this is where Junior/Arnold talks about masturbation. This book also is trying to convey a message of hope, identity, and loss, which just happens to fit in perfectly with the reality of this book. An example of this would be when Junior/Arnold questions who he is in terms of race. Is Native American? Is he a Native American in the “White World?”

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I think that just because this book contains a few parts that could be considered controversial, the book does not need to be banned, as it tells a very important and real tale.


In conclusion, the book “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” contains some deep messages and some explicit content, but I personally don’t think that it is enough to consider this book “banned.” This book is very realistic to teens, and teaches them and adults what can happen if teens are grown up with the wrong people, doing the wrong things. I won’t tell you how to think about this subject, but just think about what I’ve written about before you make any assumptions about this book. Lastly, I want to say that above all else, in my opinion, this is a great book, and definitely deserves to be read by teens across the nation.


Banned Books By: Peter


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Should the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie be banned? I believe that the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie should not be banned from schools. The book tells an uncensored version of a Native American’s (Junior’s) life. Many parts of the book are clean and do not have explicit language but some parts include a lot of profane language. I think this because this book tells the truth, it teaches kids about racist stereotypes and what’s it’s like being a Native American and being made fun of.


I do not understand why parents hide this kind of stuff from their kids because they will learn it one day or another so why not now? If young people never taught about these sensitive issues, they will not be able to understand what Native Americans had to go though and continue to go through. And to add on if they don’t know what the language in this book means they may never know what they mean. I think if they know about these issues then things may change for the better. They may find more respect and success.

Should it be banned? by Carter

“The absolute true diary of a part time Indian” by Sherman Alexie. Is a story about a kid on the reservation named Junior, who is smart, too smart for the reservation schools? So he goes to reardan, an all-white school. The other Indians on the rez don’t think of this a bravery they consider him a traitor to tradition. Some people seek to ban the absolute True diary of a part time Indian. I honestly don’t blame them. This is not a book that a 6th grader should be reading without a teacher’s permission. Why? Because it has some foul language. But, I’m not saying it should be banned. In fact I’m against it. If you don’t want your school library to have the book then talk to the librarian directly. I have a message from a mother of a freshman at Antioch High School.” Some parents of incoming freshmen at Antioch High School want an assigned summer reading book pulled from the school’s shelves and the curriculum because it uses foul, racist language and describes sexual acts” . I do agree with this message because what se said was in fact true, the book does have sexual acts and racist language. But it’s not the only book that’s had stuff that would make people want it to be banned.  Mean look at harry potter. That is banned so a school library somewhere has children who can’t read about a child who could teach them about bravery. It’s not about the words used in the book, it’s about the message that the book gives the reader.

  But “Harry potter” tells people that they have to be brave when all hope seems to be lost. The absolute true diary of a part time Indian also has a message. In my opinion I believe the message is, to never give up no matter what the cost. Junior “betrayed” the reservation by going to an all-white school. He had to decide between becoming a traitor and having a chance to be someone in the real world. He chose to show everyone that he is more than just another kid on the reservation. He chose to more than what was expected of him. And do you blame him. His teacher saw his potential and told him about Reardan and that he should go there. I personally feel like all the Indians who hated his guts for doing this are all fools. If they just followed juniors lead then the next generation of rez kids could all be very successful. Maybe as successful as junior. But, back to the main topic of this post. Should it be a banned book? I still say no but I can’t 100% believe that it can’t be banned. Because, there are a few things that would make people want to ban this book. Especially towards the beginning. I would suggest that those who want to ban it have read the entire book. The people who banned harry potter, the majority probably have never read the series. If they did, maybe they would have thought twice. I mean it was banned for magic and wizards, etc. if they don’t like magic then why there are so many star wars books. Those have “magical space wizards with swords” and stuff worse than True Diary. I mean the books that I have read are full of death and despair. And there are a lot worse books than this one that you should be trying to ban. I have read True diary and I think it is one of the best books I have ever read. Right off the bat I liked it. It was funny and it looked and sounded a lot like a 90s movie. I’m actually surprised that it’s not a movie. It would be great. Maybe even one of the best. I mean the book is a best seller so they should at least try.



What does “Redskin” really mean? By: Grace

The word Redskin was used to talk about bloody scalps of Native Americans after they were killed. Their “redskins” were sold for money after they were killed. The word Redskin is offensive to Native Americans, it’s a word that they tried to avoid for as long as they could… until our Capital City named the football team the “Washington Redskins.” How would you feel if someone called you a name that was offensive to your culture, image how terrible it would make you feel if the most hurtful name about your culture represented by your capitals football team?

The word has the same meaning to them as the n-word to African Americans. It’s the most offensive name you could call Native American. I feel that people know what they are doing is wrong they just don’t see any reaso
n why it’s wrong. I think also that some people consider what they are doing as a tradition because they’ve been doing it for so long.

An example of what some people think is a tradition is a town called Whitesboro in New York, which has a white man choking an Indian for their logo. That is absolutely crazy, and they said they should be able to keep it because it was tradition, and when that town was founded that’s what they did. They took a vote to keep the logo, I think it’s insane that some people don’t even have the courtesy to understand that they are making fun of someone else’s culture and that it is very wrong. They don’t realize that if someone did something like that to them that they would be very angry!

Some people do understand what they are doing is wrong though because people like the CEO of Adidas is willing to give schools who are going to change their name from redskins to something different new jerseys for all of their sports teams. I believe that shows that some people really are trying to do what’s right they just don’t have enough people to help and back them up. I think that change starts with one person, and I think that Adidas is doing a great job so far leading the movement for change. Since Adidas is such a huge and well-known company people will start to follow in their footsteps. Also, I think that Adidas should maybe offer to replace jerseys for the Washington Redskins at a reduced price.

I think that the Washington Redskins should really realize that what they’re doing is not only just having the name but they also have an Indian as their mascot which is also terrible. They have taken a specific race, and taken the people and made them into a joke. They chose to take Indians and make them more of a character than a person. I think that that’s terrible, I feel like they also need to stop saying that they are honoring Indians because they aren’t really honoring them they are making fun of them. I personally think that it’s worse because it’s our Nation’s Capital not just a college football team, or a football team from another state. I think that eventually they will realize what they are doing is wrong, and they will change it.

The owner of the Washington Redskins Dan Snyder said that he would never change the name of his team no matter if the court says that the name is offensive. I feel that that is awful because that shows how much he doesn’t care about how the Native Americans feel.

I think that least he could do is not have a mascot that is offensive to someone’s culture, also, I feel that people shouldn’t use an offensive term because they like the name for their football team. It’s not fair at all, no matter how much people try to justify what the name it is always going to be so offensive to Indians and there is nothing they can do about it. I think that once they change their name… If they ever do there should be a public apology to Native Americans.

At the end of the day, nobody wants to be reminded of something in their past that they hate talking about, and hate thinking about. Nobody wants to have to see people that are supposed to represent them as a character that has cartoon-like features. Nobody no matter how tough they want to see their culture and parts of who they are being made fun of.

This is the Book for You! by Ellie

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie tells his true story about how he grew up on an Indian reservation. Also he talks about the struggles he goes through as being an Indian. He talks about friendship problems, to drinking and eating disorders, and to him being the only Indian at an all-white school. Sherman Alexie makes the book really interesting and you won’t want to put the book down. The reason I really like this book is because it was really interesting to hear a true story about an Indian with all white people getting bullied. I thought it was really interesting to see how he handled it and what he did next.

I would rate this book 4.5 stars out of 5. I would rate this book so well because it was a really interesting story about such a big issue that should be talked about more but isn’t. When I first picked up this book, looking at the cover I thought it may be boarding. After reading this book I realized that I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because it ended up to be one of my favorite books.

I really liked this book because I thought it was a good plot that a lot of people would not be brave enough to share about. I thought it was interesting that it was a true story about a boy that had such a hard childhood. It was cool to read about something that really happened and not a made up version. Some other things you may read may be trying to imitate a true story but a lot of people don’t share their true story. Some times when you read the wrong thing you don’t really get to understand the whole or even right story or really what happened in history.

Somethings I really liked about this book was how they used some of his cartoons/drawings. I liked this because it added more to the book. Also it was one of his passions to draw so it showed some of his passion. One of my favorite pages in the book was when it showed an image of Junior and split him in half showing the two sides of him…..





I also liked how the author put in the part about Penelope. I don’t really think he needed too, but it added a lot to the story. I also think it shows how everyone isn’t perfect, just like how she has an eating disorder and his family has drinking issues.

It was cool too see how throughout the book how he grew throughout his issues. When Rowdy and Junior stopped talking for a while it was interesting to see how Junior reacted. Considering Junior has no other friends its really tough, and then he goes to school as the only Indian. I feel like it was hard enough for him to move schools, but when Rowdy and he quit talking, I know I wouldn’t know what to do and be very nervous.

I don’t think this should be a banned book. The book hardly had any bad content. There were maybe two parts that were a little inappropriate but, its nothing people don’t already know about. I think it is ridiculous to make this book banned, it’s a true story with true history of how Junior had a hard childhood as being a poor Indian at an ALL white school. People should be-able to see how other people struggle and are culturally bullied. If more people read this book, they may have more respect for Indians or any other cultures, everyone should be treated equal.

In conclusion, this was one of my favorite books. I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially if you like books that you can’t put down and have a great plot and many good topics. This is why I would rate The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian 4.5 out of 5 stars.



Don’t miss out!!! by Julia

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie is a story about a Native American wanting to live a better life than the poor life he is living now. This book is an inspiring book that is based on the author’s life.

I would give this book 4 and ½ stars. I like the fact that Sherman Alexie wrote a year of his life in to a book. Also the fact that he used comic drawings to help describe what he was talking about. The comics really helped me to understand more about his culture and his family. One of my favorite comics that was in the book is when he has a drawing of the person and describes them. I like these comics because it helps me visualize the characters in the book.

The fact that he felt comfortable writing about his personal life was neat. I might not feel that comfortable to write about my personal life. The things that were in the book must have been so personal. Also he told us about his inside thoughts about what was happening to him in the moment or how he felt about someone. He had so many losses that I would not feel comfortable telling the world about.

My favorite part of the book was when Junior and his team beat Wellpinit. I liked this part because I can relate how he feels when you beat a team that crushed you the first time you played them. Having played on a club basketball team and also playing on a school them the level is totally different. A few people have played basketball before that are on the school team, but also there is a bunch who is the first time playing. When I read this part I was so excited for Junior and it felt like I was in the stands watching the game. It was in such detail that I could imagine the whole book in my head.

Another thing that was really good about this book was that Sherman Alexie didn’t make the whole book serious. He added a lot of humor in to the book. That is a good thing because it’s really boring reading a book that is so serious. Some parts of the book were serious because those parts kind of had to be serious but he just made those parts really detailed and had good comics with those parts.

The whole booked flowed really well together, but one thing that I didn’t like that much was it was hard to keep track of everything that was happening. I personally love to read action packed stories like this one, but it was difficult because there were also a lot of flash backs. The back stories were really interesting, I liked the story with him and Rowdy climbing the tallest tree in the Rez. I liked this story because Junior didn’t want to climb the tree but he did anyways because he didn’t want to disappoint his best friend.

This is an amazing book about a true dairy. I suggest everyone who hasn’t read it read it.