A Letter to Scout by Jake


10 thoughts on “A Letter to Scout by Jake

  1. Good Job Jake! I loved how you did some erasing while you were “writing.” It told the viewer what traits Dill wanted to have in parents, but what he got was something different. Good Job!


  2. Jake your monologue is amazing, I love your accent. The follow up questions that you ask in the beginning kept the monologue going. You fit this character quite swell and well. I love how you go into the life about your parents and how Dill expresses how he isn’t wanted in the family. You make the character visible just by his personality. Lastly, I like the past memory moments you bring up that is most important to Dill.


  3. I think that you did a nice job of portraying Dill in your monologue. I liked how you mentioned his opinions on the Tom Robinson case. It was interesting to hear Dill’s point of view. Nice job!


  4. Nice video! I liked the ending clip where you showed the audience that you were going to send the letter. A lot of people didn’t do that.


  5. Really nice video. I like how it looked like you were actually writing a letter. It looked really professional and neat. It made your video look really well made. Nice Job.


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