Why parents try to be cool by Logan

I think that it was obvious that the mom in the Washington post article, “Parents, your not doing your kids any favor by being cool” was playing it cool for her kid’s love. A lot of parents do this and I think depending on how far they take it that its sometimes o.k for parents to try to be cool if they keep it to a respectable level.

I think the main reason they try to be cool is to be closer to us and usually when they try to start being “cool” is when we start pulling away on our own. Parents eventually will have to let go of their child but when they don’t when we want them to it starts getting out of hand. I think its fine to talk to your kids about stuff outside of the regular parent/kid talks about chores, school, etc.

Most of the time when parents are trying to be “cool” its a sign of resistance to letting their kids go. I think there is a limit to parents who try to be cool. I’m not completely against it but they have to know when to stop or when its getting out of hand.


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