Response to cool parent article by Max

I am writing about an article by Andrew Reiner.  The article is Parents, you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool”.  It talks about how parents try to get their kids to like them with enticing objects and mocking other people and how this can be kids for kids.

I agree with the author that it is bad for kids.  It shows them that being mean is fun.  Then they will be bad people in the future.  This could cost them a job or maybe a friendship in the future.  I think it is weird to be friends with your parent.  The mom in the example just gets her kids to like her with enticing drinks.  They do not like her because of her personality but simply because of what she buys them.  It makes the relationship fake and will result in future problems

In the end this can really be bad for the kids.  When the kids are growing they absorb and are influenced by things around them.  If they are in an environment where people they know and trust are mean then they will think it is ok for them.  It is also selfish and shameful for the parents to do.


2 thoughts on “Response to cool parent article by Max

  1. Personally, I disagree and think it’s okay for parents to relate to their kids in some of the ways mentioned in the article. But you made some really good points about it being wrong. Almost convinced me!


  2. I think parents should be able to relate to their kids but to understand them not to influence them and not give them boundaries so I agree and disagree with you but I like how you gave your opinion.


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