Parents Trying To Act Cool! by Legend

In his article Parents, You’re not Doing Your Kids Any Favors by Being “Cool” by Andrew Reiner he writes that the parents are not doing the right thing by acting like they are cool parents, when they are really not.  Parents should not act like they are cool all the time because when their kids gets older they are not going to be ready for the real world.

Parents think they are doing the right thing, but there’re consequences.  The reason why is because their kids have been told yes a lot of times, instead of no in their life.  As the kids start getting into their teenager age that’s when the disrespect is going to start kicking in, because they are going to start throwing fits if you say “no” to them, because they just wanted to be cool parents for most of their lives by saying “yes” all the time.  Also if they start acting like cool parents all the time the kids might get annoyed because they are growing up and they might get embarrassed if you act like that around their friends at school. Sometimes the kids might just take advantage of you.  The way the kids will do that is by begging all the time or not learning the word “no”.

In the article I agree with the author of when he writes that it is not cool by being cool parents all the time, because they are not teaching their kids how to be a adult.  This means that once kids become an adult they’re not going to know the difference between fairness, selflessness, and hard work.

Over all, I believe that it is completely wrong to act like cool parents, when they are really not. When you’re acting like cool parents all the time, just know that you are hurting your kids before they experience the real world.  When you’re acting like the cool parents, your kids might just find themselves in jail, because your letting them do what ever they want to do without any parent supervision.

In the article I agree with the author of when he writes that ‘cool’ today means something radically different from what it meant for a long time.  “Before in the late 1960s cool was a singular protest.  Since then, cool has been morphing from a political statement to a self-serving, at times desperate, and a need to simply fit in with a culture of conformity.”  Cool has taken a big turn on what it means in life, but being cool all the time is not necessarily good all the time in life.  Sometimes by being cool it has a price to pay in life, and trust me it is not always good.


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