Parents these days by Ahmad

My response to Andrew Reiner’s article Parents, you’re not doing your kids any favors by being “cool” was that parents should be able to try to fit in with their kid sometimes. But also other times kids might be embarrassed by their parents in public.

Kids will embarrassed by it in public and with their friends. Sometimes even my mom will embarrass me in public or with my friends. Then sometimes I might see a friend or a girl from my school and she will point her out.  I thing Andrew described how they will with their friends and with good detail. Parents don’t really know if they are embarrassing there child or not. Your parents might try to be cool with you sometimes to try to fit in with you. They might try to join social media and connect with you and your friends from school.

Parents these days are trying to connect with there children and they cant help it because they want to be close. The kid might not like it but the parents thinks its cool. Parents are trying to spend every minute they can with there child. Every second is valuable to them in many types of ways.


3 thoughts on “Parents these days by Ahmad

  1. I loved how you talked about your mom embarrassing you in front of friends! My parents do that all the time! It made your post more relateable and real. Also liked how at the end you took up for the parents saying they value every second. That was a god way to close.


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