Parents Should Not Get Involved With Kids’ Lives and Social Food Chains. By Joffre

In the article “Parents you’re not doing your kid any good trying to ‘be cool” Andrew Reiner describes a mother in a fast-food restaurant sitting with her three teenage daughters and they were talking about a teacher and making fun of a teacher from their school, focusing on her appearance. The mother said “Yeah, she could really stand to lose a few pounds. And what’s up with that hair, right?” This kind of behavior blurs the definition of “cool” and the role of parent.

The definition is usually only used to describe the people who are not school outcasts like the geeks and nerds. It is used to describe “popular” people within the social hierarchy. While people think cool today is a good thing, it is really a hidden way to bully and put down other people It is an effort to make them look small in their own eyes. When the mother thinks herself cool by making fun of the teacher, she is really being gullible and falling for today’s social hierarchy where people are bullied to the point of suicide every day just because of the “cool” people, who are nothing but people who have low self-esteem and make people look smaller than them to make themselves feel better. While parents may think that this is not true, they are supporting the “cool” kids in their role in the social food chain where social lives have become Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest.” This ruins kids’ lives daily and has gotten worse with the advancement of social media and the support of unsuspecting parents.


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